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SiGe-Med Technologies

This project aims at the construction of a small-animal PET scanner.

The team propose a new generation of PET scanners based on a solid-state detectors (SSD) which are expected to allow for ultra-high resolution molecular imaging. It will also improve significantly the ability for early diagnosis while reducing the radiation dose to the patient.

The novel developed configuration will allow to achieve spatial resolutions better than 300µm with the help of advanced reconstruction methods. With unprecedented spatial resolution and depth-of-interaction measurement, such a new-generation instrument will allow to overcome present PET resolutions, that are the key weakness of molecular imaging, and thereby to significantly broaden its capabilities.

This technology, developed in the University of Geneva (2 patents), is mature to allow the quantum leap towards ultra-high resolution molecular imaging.


The team

Prof. Giuseppe Iacobucci


Président de la Section de Physique

Prof. Osman Ratib

Sep 29, 2020

Our Current Projects