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25 May 2023. Culture in Crisis: Spotlight on Sudan

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This is a Culture in Crisis event programmed in partnership with Heritage for Peace

Since the outbreak of direct conflict in Sudan in April 2023, the world has witnessed ‘an already precarious humanitarian situation become catastrophic’. Join us to hear from Sudanese heritage specialists, as well as those working to support them, to understand more about the impacts of the conflict taking place today.

Bringing together voices from different disciplines within the Sudanese heritage sector, we will hear about the current threats posed to cultural heritage, as well as the emerging initiatives such as the Sudan Heritage Protection Initiative which are designed promote, protect, and preserve it.


  • Dr. Esam Alhadi, Director of Curatorial Affairs, Exhibitions and Archives, The International Museum of Muslim Cultures (USA)
  • Dr Ismail Hamid Elnour, University of Birmingham (UK). Member of the Sudan Heritage Protection Initiative.
  • Dr Galia Garelnabi, Director, National Museum of Sudan (former Director of National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums (NCAM)).
  • Dr.Isber Sabrine, President, Heritage For Peace. Director of The Arab Network of Civil Society Organizations to Safeguard Cultural Heritage (ANSCH). Member of the Sudan Heritage Protection Initiative.

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23 mai 2023
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