Modern English Literature (16th - 18th Centuries)

Georgia FULTON

Ms Georgia FULTON

Research and Teaching Assistant

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Georgia is away from February 1 2024 to July 31 2024 on a Doc.Mobility research stay at the University of Oxford.

Research Interests / Recherches

I hold two degrees: BA Hons in English Literature from the University of Durham, and a MPhil in Renaissance Literature from Clare College, University of Cambridge. I am researching for her PhD under the supervision of Prof. Lukas Erne. My thesis focuses on the understudied parallels between early Erasmian and Morean seriocomic literature (pre-1534) and the structures and themes of Shakespeare's Late Plays (The Tempest; The Winter's Tale; Pericles; Cymbeline). This research was borne out of studying the impact of Reformation theology upon the literature of the late sixteenth century, especially during and after the Marian Reformation. Moving beyond a polemic approach, this doctorate aims to illustrate that the four Late Plays are directly influenced by the literary experimentation in the seriocomic writing of Thomas More and Desiderius Erasmus.

Earlier research has focused on the representation of Catholic authority in Middleton, Shirley and Barnes. Other research interests include: reworkings of classical literature during the Renaissance; Elizabethan poetic theory; the Sapphic Lyric; sense perception in sixteenth-century writing; Milton's poetic corpus; Shakespeare's comedies; and from much later, Seamus Heaney's poetry. Please do reach out if you would like to discuss any of the above, or if you are interested in the intersection between Classics and Theology with English Literature.


Georgia Fulton (2021) "Before Utopia: The Making of Thomas More’s Mind", English Studies. DOI: 10.1080/0013838X.2021.1966932

Georgia Fulton (2022) "Seamus Heaney and the End of Catholic Ireland", English Studies. DOI: 10.1080/0013838X.2022.2043036


Georgia Fulton, “Dramatising the Tudor Reformation: Shakespeare’s use of history in Sir Thomas More and King Henry VIII”, CUSO Medieval and Early Modern Doctoral Workshop, 12 October 2022.

Georgia Fulton, “‘Types of Titus’: Titus Andronicus and Social Justice: Manipulation of Generic Expectations in the Sam Wanamaker 2023 Adaptation”, British Shakespeare Association, 24 March 2023.

Georgia Fulton, “Catholic Rites in Seamus Heaney’s Poetry: Inverted Language”, CUSO Modern and Contemporary Doctoral Workshop, 26 April 2023.

[forthcoming] Georgia Fulton (2024), “Shakespeare’s Tragicomic Experimentation: Erasmian and Morean ‘morosophy’ in Shakespeare’s Late Plays”, Renaissance Society of America, 21-23 March 2024.


Georgia Fulton, “The Reformation in Geneva, 1500-1600”, Geneva: City of Refuge (SAUTE 75th Anniversary Public Lecture), 19 October 2022.


Modern English Literature (16th - 18th Centuries)