Modern English Literature (16th - 18th Centuries)

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Devani Singh is a literary scholar and book historian whose teaching and published research span the medieval and early modern periods. She was educated at the universities of Toronto (BA, Hons), Oxford (MPhil in Medieval English, 650-1550), and Cambridge (PhD). She is currently Principal Investigator on the project 'To the Reader: The English Preface in Print, c. 1475-1623', for which she holds an 'Ambizione' grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation. Dr Singh previously held a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship in English at the University of Oxford.

Her most recent book, Chaucer's Early Modern Readers: Reception in Print and Manuscript (CUP, 2023), is the first study of the relationship between Chaucer's medieval manuscripts and early modern print. With Lukas Erne, she is co-author of Shakespeare in Geneva (Ithaque, 2018) and co-editor of the first critical edition of the printed commonplace book Bel-vedére (CUP, 2020). This edition was named a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title in 2021. In addition, she collaborates with the University of Geneva's Bodmer Lab, a digital humanities initiative that aims to catalogue, digitise, and study the collections of the Fondation Martin Bodmer in Cologny, Geneva. In 2022, she co-founded Print Exchanges, a collaborative network of early and mid-career print scholars, together with UK- and US-based colleagues, Alex da Costa, Aditi Nafde, and Kathleen Tonry.



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Shakespeare in Geneva: Early Modern English Books (1475-1700) at the Martin Bodmer Foundation [with Lukas Erne] (Editions Ithaque, 2018). 

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Devani Singh has designed and delivered undergraduate and graduate courses in medieval and early modern literature (including Shakespeare) at the Universities of Cambridge and Geneva.

She has also delivered guest lectures on the history of the book and on the Digital Humanities, and has taught Chaucer and Shakespeare modules to secondary school students for the Sutton Trust, an educational charity.

Her past and current courses include:

Strange New Worlds (Geneva)
Early Modern Domestic Tragedy (Geneva)
Drama at the Court of Henry VIII (Geneva)
English Renaissance Tragedy (Geneva)
Paratexts, Prefaces, and the Early Modern Dramatic Playbook (guest lecture, Zurich)
Old Books and Digital Approaches (guest lecture, Geneva)
Histories of Reading in Medieval and Early Modern England (guest lecture, Geneva)
Medieval Dreams and Visions (Cambridge)
English Literature and its Contexts, 1300-1550 (Cambridge)


Modern English Literature (16th - 18th Centuries)