Popular Literature in Contemporary China: Production, Diffusion and Genres

Before the conference 会前准备

Papers and preparation

You are kindly requested to send us your papers or "thought papers" (2 pages) by the 20th of May 2017. These will be circulated a few days ahead of the conference. Assuming that everyone will have read the handout and will be therefore familiarized with the topic, each speaker will have 10 to 15 minutes to highlight some points or develop examples or particular points of analysis. The idea is not to re-read the paper but to use it as a basis for discussion. The following 15-20 minutes (30 minutes in total per participant) will ensure that there is enough time for a fruitful discussion. As the conference will be more bilingual than expected (English and Chinese, even if English should prevail), it should also facilitate communication.


Travel expenses

To get refunded, please fill in and send us the form below, alongside with a copy of your ticket.


Refund form


Detailed program for presenters 与会者详细议程