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Ur Shlonsky

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My main area of interest is syntactic theory and comparative syntax and I have also dabbled in acquisition.

I have studied various aspects of the syntax of Semitic languages, particularly of Modern Hebrew, e.g., clause structure, null subjects, the form and syntax of nominal expressions, copular sentences, relative clauses and resumptive pronouns. I am also actively interested in the syntax of Arabic, particularly of the spoken varieties and in Modern South Arabian (Mehri).

I have also worked on Romance languages and dialects and have written on topics such as cliticization, wh-movement and restructuring.

In recent years, I have been studying wh-in-situ phenomena in languages, like French, in which it is an optional strategy for forming interrogatives.

I have recently published several papers on the syntax of copular constructions, and I am partricularly interested in the syntax of "inverse" copular sentences.This research has led me to try and better understand the syntax of postverbal focus.

Over the pandemic, I started to look at Afroasiatic inflection from a cartographic/Syntax as Morphology perspective. That work is slowly taking off...

Most recently, and I have been awarded funding to study selection, specifically that of subjunctive mood.

Here is a list of projects I have received funding for:




Professeur-es honoraires