Upcoming activities


March 13, 2pm-4pm
Mach's Influence on Schlick
Julia Franke Reddig
Room 103, Colladon

March 19, 10am-4pm
Mathematical Concepts
Romain Büchi
Room 103, Colladon

April 8, 2pm-4pm
Metaphysical Realism: Universals
Laurent Cesalli & Paolo Natali
dept. of philosophy, seminar room

April 22, 10am-12am
Bruno Poli
Room 103, Colladon

May 14, 10am-6pm
Austrian Philosophy – Between Bolzano and the Vienna Circle
OCET Workshop with Lucas Baccarat (Vienna), Romain Büchi (Geneva), Christian Damböck (Vienna), Julia Franke-Reddig (Geneva)
Room C1/C2, Colladon

June 3, 2pm-6pm
Metaphysical Realism: Generic Invidivuals (2pm-4pm)
Metaphysical Realism: States of affairs (4pm - 6pm)
Romain Büchi, Laurent Cesalli, Guillaume Fréchette
dept. of philosophy, seminar room

June 13, 2pm-4pm
Franz Brentano in Vienna
Denis Fisette (UQAM, Montréal)
Room C1/C2, Colladon

Sept 11-13
Historiography of 20th Century Philosophy (Phil 211)