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I earned my BA in Classics and MA in Philosophy in Pisa. I subsequently started a PhD in Geneva within the SNSF Research Project Appearance and Knowledge in Ancient Philosophy, under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Crivelli.

In my MA dissertation I discussed a passage of Plato's Theaetetus where Socrates seemingly attempts to show the self-contradictoriness of Protagorean relativism.

My PhD thesis aims at clarifying the role of the notion of appearance in the so-called Socratic elenchus (from the Greek ἔλεγχος, often translated as 'refutation'), one notable argumentative strategy employed by Socrates in Plato’s early dialogues. These dialogues, many of which have been significantly neglected by philosophers, present the reader with an intricate web of issues in moral theory. However, important questions of epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and theory of argumentation lurk at every step of the conversations with Socrates. In my thesis I try to unravel the knot of problems concerning, in particular, the notions of 'apparent good' and 'apparent knowledge' by asking modern questions and looking for ancient answers through rigorous textual analysis. An important contribution to my understanding of these dialogues comes from the reading of Aristotle's Sophistical Refutations, Topics, and Nicomachean Ethics.

Outside ancient philosophy, I am working on some medieval texts in philosophy of language. I thus am a doubly enthusiastic member of the Genevan AMPhi (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy Research Group).

I also have very strong interests in logic, philosophy and history of logic, and metaphysics. Accordingly, I am an affiliated member of eidos and part of the editorial committee of dialectica. Among several other things, in Geneva I understood the fruitfulness of studying the ‘Austro-German’ tradition of exact philosophers like Bolzano, Brentano, Frege, Twardowski, Meinong, the early Husserl, Reinach, and many others. In this regard, I am honoured to be a member of Inbegriff

As for teaching duties, between Autumn 2015 and Spring 2017 I led the tutorial sessions of Prof. Crivelli's MA course in mathematical logic, which I shall also be teaching during Autumn 2018, whereas during the 2017 Autumn semestre I taught with Augustin a BA introductory course to logic.

Recently, I have written a short entry on Plato for the French L'Encyclopédie Philosophique.