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I earned my BA in Classics and MA in Philosophy in Pisa. I subsequently started a PhD in Geneva within the SNSF Research Project Appearance and Knowledge in Ancient Philosophy, under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Crivelli.

I am currently writing a dissertation with the title: "Dialogue and Dóxa. The Role of Appearance in the Socratic Elenchus". My goal is to understand what notion of δόξα (dóxa) Plato is committed to in the so-called early dialogues. (The term 'δόξα' is often translated as either 'belief', 'opinion', or 'judgment'.) I thus investigate the role δόξα plays in the Socratic method of examination and in the ethical doctrine known as 'Socratic intellectualism', which many early or early-transitional dialogues (most famously, the Gorgias) defend or explicitly presuppose. The dissertation will present Plato's early account of the relations between having a δόξα and being in other (both representational and motivational) mental states, with a particular focus on evaluative δόξαι, the main targets of Socratic examination, and their objects. My interpretation is helped by consideration of both Plato's later theories, expounded in the middle and late dialogues, and some of Aristotle's works, especially the Sophistical Refutations, the Topics, the De anima, and the Nicomachean Ethics. In developing my interpretation of philosophical texts of the past, I find it fruitful to ask modern questions and look for their answers through rigorous textual analysis.

Outside Ancient philosophy, I also work on some medieval texts on what the medievals called 'logic'. I thus am a doubly enthusiastic member of the Genevan AMPhi (Ancient and Medieval Philosophy Research Group).

I have very strong interests in logic, philosophy and history of logic, and metaphysics, which make me honoured to be a member of eidos and part of the editorial committee of dialectica. In Geneva I moreover understood the fruitfulness of studying the Mitteleuropean tradition of exact philosophers in which one finds the great Bolzano, Brentano, Frege, Twardowski, Meinong, the early Husserl, Reinach, and others. I pursue these studies as a member of Inbegriff.

I greatly enjoy teaching. Since Autumn 2015 I have been leading the tutorial sessions of Prof. Crivelli's MA course in mathematical logic, whereas during the 2017 Autumn semestre I had the pleasure of teaching with Augustin a BA introductory course to logic.

Last year, I have written a short entry on Plato for the French L'Encyclopédie Philosophique.