Shame and Guilt

Swiss Centre of Affective Sciences
University of Geneva


Project leader: Otto Bruun, Julien Deonna, Kevin Mulligan, Raffaele Rodogno, Fabrice Teroni

The Shame and Guilt case study was part of the Philosophy Project (Project 10). It aimed at providing a unified theory of these emotions and took into account discussions, theories and evidence from other disciplines such as psychology and law. It produced many publications as well as a monograph on shame and guilt.  Here is list of these publications.


Deonna, J. A., Rodogno, R. & Teroni, F. (2011). In Defense of Shame, New York: Oxford University Press. (preface)

Other Publications:

  • Bruun, O. & Teroni, F. (2011). Shame, Guilt and Morality, The Journal of Moral Philosophy, 8, 221-43.
  • Deonna, J. A. (2007). Evolution, émotion et morale, Les exemples de la honte et de la culpabilité, in C. Clavien & C. El-Bez (eds.), Morale et évolution biologique: Entre déterminisme et liberté. Presses Polytechniques et Universitaires Romandes.
  • Deonna, J. A. & Teroni, F. (2008). Shame’s Guilt Disproved, Critical Quarterly, 50(4), 65-74.
  • Deonna, J. A. & Teroni, F. (2008). Differentiating Shame from Guilt, Consciousness and Cognition, 17(3), 725-40.
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  • Deonna, J. A. & Teroni, F. (2010). Is Shame a Social Emotion? In A. Konzelman-Ziv, K. Lehrer & H.-B. Schmid (eds.), Self Evaluation: Affective and Social Grounds of Intentionality. Springer.
  • Rodogno, R. (2008). Shame and Guilt in Restorative Justice, Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 14(2), 142-76.
  • Rodogno, R. (2009). Shame, Guilt, and Punishment, Law and Philosophy, 28(5), 429-64.
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