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SSLAS Workshop

22 - 23 October 2021 Hybrid event - Maison de la Paix IHEID, Geneva, room P3-506, and online on Webex

Social sciences and Humanities are increasingly turning their focus from the disadvantages of discriminated minorities to the advantages of majority groups, or their privileges. When invisible, privileges are naturalized and treated as fair. Identifying the broader racialized, gendered and class processes that shape privileges is the first step to make them visible and question their unfairness and oppressive nature. This of course also implies the reflexive acknowledgement of the potential privileges of scholars and how these are addressed in research politics, ethics, and epistemologies.
But identifying and questioning privileges is always a contextual dispute, negotiated through processes of categorization and sense-making that risk making some privileges visible while creating others. In this edition of the SSLAS we hope to unpack the different ways in which privileges are made visible or invisible, how they have been –and continue to be– challenged and justified in Latin America and in Latin American studies.

14 oct. 2021

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