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  • Example 1:

I booked 2 hours (120 min), but I did not use my session. My session will be fully charged as fees.

exemple facture FAQ Biling Q0.jpg

  • Example 2:
I booked a confocal microscope 3 hours from 13.00 pm but I did not use my session (first line, session 2611). At 14.21, somebody else use a
part of my session (second line, session 2624). The first non-used minutes (81 min or 1hr 21 min.) will be fully charged as fees for me and
the second user will pay only what he used (100 min).


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  • You are charged for each minute used.


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  • I will pay my booking plus the extra-time I used.
The example below combines several scenarios: A session was booked  2 hours from 13.00 pm. Unfortunatly the user started his/her session 14 minutes late (time used/duration: 106minutes) (Line 1, session 182). This user decided to extend his session of 129 minutes (not booked): he is charged for each minute used after his/her booked time-slots (13.00-15.00 pm) (Line 2, session 464).
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  • I will pay my booking and not the minutes used.


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  • Example 1:
The mention "cancelled too late" will appear on the bill. In this example, the user booked a PC workstation 1 hour from 15:00 pm. At 15:13 pm, the user cancelled his/her session but the cancellation was taken into account at 15:15 (time-slots of 15 minutes in this specific case). This user was fully charged for the first 15 minutes and charged at 50% for the remaining 45 minutes .

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  • Example 2:
In addition to the mention "cancelled too late"  a second mention untitled "Partial cancellation fee" can also appear on the bill when a second user uses a part of the cancelled time-slots (deduced to the bill of the first user).

exemple facture FAQ biling Q6.jpg


Important: all these simple scenarios shown above can be combined together (one scenario will correspond to one line on the e-invoice).