Registration and Booking


  • It is our booking system. The software PPMS (Platform Pilot Management System) was created in 2003 to meet community needs for research management. Today, PPMS is a powerful, feature rich core facility resource management solution designed with engineers, researchers, PI's as well as administrative needs in mind. PPMS provides a transparent overview of all facility activity while providing grant and project management, real-time pricing, as well as a host of customizable reports and invoices. Facilitating communication and collaboration between users and administrators, PPMS optimizes productivity, increases revenue and provides Resource Managers real time control.



  • Booking of the microscope before use is obligatory.
  • To register and obtain a username and password users, clic HERE.



  • If you book one of the following microscopes (LSM700, LSM510META, NikonA1r spectral, Leica SP5) more than 3 days (72 hours) in advance, an automatic reservation limit of 2 hours per day and per user is applied. In contrast, if you book these microscopes for an use within less than 72 hours, this restriction is not applied. In other words, the reservation limits is adaptable according to the rate of use, the idea being to optimize the use of these machines dedicated to fixed samples.



  • Yes you can move your sessions in the same day and same period (office hours/outside office hours) without penalty. First, delete your wrong session then book the new one.



  • Select the machine of interest, fill in the online booking to indicate use.
  • The minimum reservation time is one hour; the maximum time depends on the instrument.
  • Users should adhere to their schedule as closely as possible.
  • Fill in the online booking to indicate use. You will be charged for the time booked and used (clic HERE), but please try and be considerate to others and not book excessive time !!!! [Some microscopes are often booked all day and somebody else could have used the time if the reservation had been cancelled]
  • If necessary the staff can reduce the maximum weekly reservation/scope time per user



  • No, the systems cannot be reserved for more than 3 weeks in advance.



  • No need to contact the Bioimaging staff, you can reset by yourself your password if you follow the instructions HERE.