• If you need to cancel your session, please delete your reserved time on the booking calendar as far ahead as possible.
  • Annulations can be performed at any time BUT penalties are applied if sessions have not been cancelled early enough (you must cancel your sessions at least 24 hrs or 4hrs, depending on the instrument) before they start. These sessions will be charged 50% of the original price (for fixed samples if less than 24 hrs) and 20% (for live cell experiments if less than 4 hrs) and  if no one uses the system during this time.
  • If you cancel your session you are responsible for ensuring the microscope is turned off, if appropriate. The person before you will leave the scope on if there is someone booked after them. This is particularly important if you are booked to be the last user of the day. CHF 50 fine for a microscope left on overnight (fines are excluded from the fees cap).

>> Take Home Messages (to reduce your billing) : -1) if you can not use your session, cancel it even at the last minute -2) if you finish earlier, cancel the rest of your session.