• To get an access to the Bioimaging's resources (microscopes, computers/ softwares, human resources for trainings and image analysis), you must fill the document on line  available HERE to be registered.
  • It is strongly recommended to book with PPMS the resources you need (microscopes, computers, assistance...). A user who has made a reservation on PPMS will always have priority over the one who did not make it.
  • Introduction by Bioimaging staff is compulsory for all Bioimaging systems.
  • If you cannot remember how to operate a system you were already introduced to, please do not hesitate to ask the Bioimaging team for advice.
  • We charge an hourly usage fee as a contribution to our maintenance, consumables costs and new equipment purchases. Industry and external visitors (non academics) are charged full costs (four times more than academics for microscopes and CHF 200.-/ hour for image analysis/ scripting).
  • Information on the internal usage fee  are available HERE.
  • If you publish a work supported by the Bioimaging, e.g. by using one or more Bioimaging microscopes or support in image or data analysis, it is recommended to mention the facility in the acknowledgements and/or in the Materials and Methods.

Before you start

  • Check the equipment for any obvious damage or spoilage and inform the Bioimaging staff if necessary.
  • Wipe off dust and smear from the lens and the sample cover slip using lens tissue (soaked in ethanol if required).

While working

  • Check which immersion media are required for each lens you use, before you add any medium (oil, glycerol, water, air). If you don't know: ask Bioimaging staff.
  • Clean immersion media from lenses with a dry lens tissue every time you change slides. Slides should also be cleaned by a dry tissue.
  • Use moderate amounts (1 drop=50 µl) of immersion media. Immediately remove immersion media spilling over the objective rim.

After you have finished

  • Clean immersion media from every lens you used with a dry lens tissue (+ soaked in ethanol if required).
  • Check whether the system is booked later on the same day.
  • If you are second last to use the system, make sure the user after you shows up.
  • If you are last user of the day, switch off all lamps and lasers