Former Members & Alumni


Prof. Joanna SCHELLENBERG, Epidemiology & International Health
Prof. Pablo PEREL, Clinical Epidemiology
Prof. Francis MOUSSY, Innovation and Access to Health Technologies


Researchers, Lecturers and other Members

Ms. Nefti-Eboni BEMPONG, Scientific Collaborator
Dr. Barbara BERTISCH, Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Specialist
Ms. Barbary DUCRY, Health Promotions Specialist - Tobacco and Alcohol prevention
Dr. Andrew DURSO, Postdoctoral Researcher
Ms. Nadia ELIA, Lecturer
Dr. Johanna GONCALVES MARTIN, Scientific Collaborator
Mr. Cyril PERVILHAC, DrPH, MPH,  Scientific Collaborator / International Relations and Public Health Consultant
Dr. Aude RICHARD, Clinical Resident Physician
Dr. Astrid STUCKELBERGER, Senior Lecturer and Researcher
Ms. Plamenna VENKOVA-MARCHEVSKA, Particle Physicist /Data Scientist
Dr. Denise Baratti-Mayer, Senior Researcher Associate


Administrative and Technical Staff

Ms. Christine LEHMANN, Administrative assistant
Dr. Eleonora DE CATA, World Federation of Public Health Associations

Phd Students