Infectious Diseases and Mathematical Modelling (Professor Olivia Keiser)

Ms. Plamenna Venkova-Marchevska

Particle Physicist / Data Scientist

Campus Biotech, G6. 02
+41 76 711 58 00

Plamenna is a particle physicist and data scientist in the division of Infectious Diseases and Mathematical Modeling at the Institute of Global Health.

She holds a  Bachelor's degree in Physics, specialized in Meteorology and a Master of Science in Particle and Nuclear Physics from the University of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria. In 2016, after her master’s degree, she joined the  Elementary Particle Physics division in the faculty of Physics at Humboldt University, Berlin. For a period of two years, she was working on the estimation of one of the physics background processes for the SHiP experiment, to be built at CERN, and investigating the rate of particles produced by different background processes in order to optimize the readout for one of the sub-detector systems in the experiment.

Plamenna joined the institute in January 2020. She investigates the evolution of the sociobehavioural profiles in Malawi, and analyzes how this could explain the evolution of the HIV epidemic. At the moment she is part of the statistical analyses team for the covid-19 outbreak in Switzerland.


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