Dr. Eric Comte

Geneva Health Forum Director

+41 22 379 04 82

Eric Comte is a Medical doctor with a speciality in public health. He has worked for 18 years in humanitarian medical organizations, notably as the Medical Director for MSF (Doctors Without Borders) in Geneva from 2010 to 2014. He has worked mainly in the Caucasus and Africa, addressing issues related to refugees, tuberculosis and tropical diseases.

He is currently working at the Institute of Global Health in Geneva (University of Geneva) as Director of the Geneva Health Forum.

He is administrator of ASCRES (Association de Soutien aux Centres de Recherches, d'Enseignements et de Soins). ASCRES coordinates a research and training centre located in Cameroon that develops projects in partnership with local and international organisations. The main focuses are Wound care, Buruli, snake bite and gynaecological consultations (Female genital Schistosomiasis and cervical cancer).