Two prizes from the Faculty of Medicine

Two prizes from the Faculty of Medicine have been obtained by members from the laboratory of Pr. Roberto Coppari for their research about diabetes.

Giorgio Ramadori together with Sanda Ljubicic were awarded the Alex-F. Müller Prize, for their publication “S100A9 extends lifespan in insulin deficiency” recently published in Nature Communications. With this study, researchers demonstrated that the protein S100A9 has an anti-diabetic action and might be a putative target in insulin deficiency.

Ebru Aras was awarded the Denber-Pinard prize, for her publication entitled “Light entrains diurnal changes in insulin sensitivity” published in Cell Reports. With this study and her PhD thesis, she uncovered some of the mechanisms by which a desynchronization of circadian system contributes to development of diabetes.


© UNIGE. From left to right, Giorgio Ramadori, Sanda Ljubicic, Ebru Aras

8 Jun 2020