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Mina Bjelogrlic

MA, PhD Mina Bjelogrlic

Head of Machine Learning - Computational Scientist

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Mina Bjelogrlic holds a Phd in Computational Electromagnetics (June 2018) and a Master in Electrical Engineering from EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. During her studies she focused on computational electromagnetics and signal processing for biomedical applications. Her research focused especially on microwave imaging for brain stroke detection and monitoring, where she developed tools for both modeling electromagnetic fields at high frequencies (up to 6 GHz) in very heterogeneous biological tissues and for the inverse problem resolution (imaging task). Since November 2018, her studies focus on the application of NLP tools, biomedical signal processing, and learning algorithms to medical data.



* Clinical Data, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Clinical Decision Support Systems

* Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Optimization, Regularization

* Computational Bio-electromagnetics, Microwave Imaging, Forward and Inverse Problems Resolution



“Machine learning for prediction of drug-induced repolarization disorders based on electronic medical records”



Journal Club: Digital Health GESAN1


(Publications outside archives ouvertes)


  • M. Bjelogrlic, M. Volery, B. Fuchs, J.-P. Thiran and J. R.Mosig andMichael Mattes, "Stratified Spherical Model for Microwave Imaging of the Brain: Analysis and Experimental Validation of Transmitted Power", Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, vol.60, no. 4, pp.1042-1048, April 2018.


Book Chapter

  • R. Scapaticci, M. Bjelogrlic, J. A. Tobon Vasquez, F. Vipiana, M. Mattes, and L. Crocco. Microwave Technology for Brain Imaging and Monitoring: Physical Foundations, Potentials and Limitations, Springer, 2018.



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