User-centered design, human-machine interactions and human factors engineering

EvaLab is located at the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG), which is the biggest hospital of the Romandy region in Switzerland. Being part of the Medical Information Sciences Division (SIMED), EvaLab is deeply rooted either medical and academical environments thanks to its dual affiliation to both HUG and University of Geneva (UNIGE). 

EvaLab offers its expertise and services to the research, academic and private sectors.

The team

EvaLab consists in a highly efficient multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, ergonomists, User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) experts, developers and Human Factors engineers.

The team specializes in User-Centered Design (UCD) approaches and Human-Computer Interactions (HCI) study applied to healthcare-related areas such as: electronic health record and office applications, health prevention/promotion, educational games, patient empowerment, healthy aging, and Human Factors Engineering (HFE) for Medical Devices (MD) development. more info

Our activities

Our activities include User Experience (UX), User Interface design (UI) and Human Factors/Usability Engineering (HFE/UE), in order to develop medical solutions that are safe and effective but also efficient and offering an optimal user experience to patient, healthcare professionals and citizens.

In parallel to supporting research and development of health technologies, the team also supports science, education and academical research in the field of User-Centered Design and Human Factors through numerous publications and scientific collaborations.

Evalab Services

User-Centered Design (UCD) for health technologies

Analyzing the end-users needs and capabilities and performing successive design and evaluations iterations allows to make sure they are capable to use the medical solutions safely and effectively. This approach allows to meet end-users’ expectations and has the additional benefits to improve users’ satisfaction, care processes and services’ quality and efficiency as well as to globally promote citizen’s empowerment. more info

Human Factors Engineering (HFE) for medical devices

Building on the medical device industry experience of the team and following the latest guidances, we provide consulting services for all HFE/UE-related activities throughout medical device development, from preliminary user research to final HFE validation tests. more info

Delivery models

EvaLab offers its expertise and services to the research and academic sectors as well as to the private sector, whether through scientific collaborations or consulting contracts.

We support you in any step of your project, following your needs and budget. According to your project’s specificities, we provide you with flexible and efficient UCD/HFE consulting services, ranging from punctual support on particular tasks to the subcontracting of the entire work packages.

The lab

Our user test lab, located at the heart of the HUG, offers a unique proximity to the healthcare end-users community. The lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment (ceiling cameras, screen recording, video analysis software, …) to run usability test sessions in various simulated use environments. Tests are observable through live streaming from an observation room adjacent to the test room. more info