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Go on holiday this summer with a free mind!

Go on holiday this summer with a free mind!

Before you leave, the Library team recommends that you check your swisscovery account to ensure that the return date of borrowed items does not expire during your holiday.

What happens if I return documents late ?

Documents not returned on time generate overdue fees that are common for the entire SLSP network. For documents with 28-days term (most documents) :

  • 1 day after loan term: free reminder
  • 6 days after the free reminder: 1st paying reminder: 5 CHF per document
  • 6 days after the 1st paying reminder: 2nd paying reminder: an additional CHF 5 per document
  • 6 days after the 2nd paying reminder: 3rd paying reminder: an additional CHF 10 per document

Charges also apply for documents on 7-day or 1-day loan (e.g. magazines or dictionaries) returned late, with correspondingly shorter deadlines between reminders.

You can find all the information you need about the conditions for borrowing and consulting documents at:

For all other questions, please consult our FAQ.

June 7, 2022
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