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Archive ouverte UNIGE: new public consultation interface

Created in 2008 to collect, preserve and disseminate as widely as possible the publications of the institution's collaborators, Archive ouverte UNIGE is finalizing its transformation with the opening of a new public interface for search and consultation.

Archive ouverte UNIGE offers unified and easy access to the University's scientific patrimony, which today totals a rich collection of over 100,000 records, 90% of which are with full text. In the new public interface, it is now possible to search and consult publications, but also to generate, from any search, a bibliography that is automatically updated on a web page.

Archive ouverte implements the principles of Open Access, and more specifically its Green Road. It contributes to the objectives of the Open Science Charter and the University's Open Access Policy (only in French) which aim to provide free access to the data and results of publicly funded research, thus offering greater visibility and accessibility to the work of researchers.


Save time when depositing your publications in the new submission interface of Archive ouverte UNIGE with these trainings :

Depositing in Archive ouverte

  • Jeudi 27 avril 2023, de 10:15 à 10:45, En ligne
  • Mardi 16 mai 2023, de 09:15 à 09:45, En ligne
  • Mercredi 14 juin 2023, de 10:15 à 10:45, En ligne

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(Re)-Create an automated list of publications based on the contents of Archive ouverte UNIGE

  • Jeudi 06 avril 2023, de 12:15 à 12:45, En ligne
  • Friday 21 April 2023, from 14:15 to 14:45, Online
  • Vendredi 26 mai 2023, de 12:15 à 12:45, En ligne
  • Jeudi 29 juin 2023, de 10:15 à 10:45, En ligne

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March 27, 2023
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