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swissuniversities concludes a "Read & Publish" license with Wiley


After Elsevier and Springer Nature, a final agreement with Wiley comes to close the long negotiations initiated in 2018 with these three major publishers for the obtaining of Read & Publish licenses, covering both the consultation of articles in the publisher's journals (Read) and the publication in Open Access in these same journals (Publish) as defined in the negotiation objectives set by swissuniversities.

As announced on 29.04.2021, as of May 1, 2021, the agreement signed with Wiley will not only allow the UNIGE/HUG community to benefit from permanent access to the journals of this publisher, but also to authors to publish their research work « completely and immediately » in Open Access in the Wiley hybrid journals concerned.

Wiley thus joins the publishers with whom the UNIGE Library had already concluded agreements for the development of Open Science  within the framework of the Swiss national Open Access strategy.

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May 6, 2021
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