Thousands of movies made available to you!

The UNIGE Library offers you access to documentaries and fiction films through the Kanopy platform (streaming videos), accessible from the institution's Wi-Fi network, or after installation of the VPN.

Take advantage of the summer to discover this platform! Here is a small selection of what you can find there by theme:


Political Sciences, International Relations :

Sankara is not dead / a film by Lucie Viver

The Square / a film by Jehane Noujaim


Psychology :

Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy with James Bugental

Cognitive therapy for obsessions : with Reid Wilson


Education Sciences :

Being and becoming : schooling and child development / a film by Clara Bellar

Talk to me / a film by Vanessa Kaneshiro


Social Sciences :

Miss Representation / a film by Jennifer Siebel Newsom

The big flip : stories from the modern homefront / a film by Isabelle Vincent Chan, Izzy Chan

Normal is over / a film by Renée Scheltema


Economics Sciences :

No logo : brands globalization resistance / a film by Kelly Garner et al.

Banking on bitcoin / a film by Christopher Cannucciari


Literature :

James Baldwin : the of the ticket / a film by Karne Thorsen

Gabriel Garcia Marquez / a film by Mauricio Martinez-Caviard and Yves Billon


Fictions :

Of human bondage / a film by John Cromwell

Ayiti Mon Amour / a film by Guetty Felin


Bon film et bel été !




July 8, 2021