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Chargée d’enseignement
博士 柴田 亜矢子

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Domaine de recherche et de publications

  • Sociolinguistique (Sociolinguistics)
  • Analyse du discours (Discourse Analysis)
  • Analyse semiotique (Semiotic Analysis)
  • L’enseignement des langues étrangères modernes (Modern Foreign Language Teaching)



Introduction à la conversation japonaise I
Conversation japonaise
Sociolinguistique du japonais
Histoire de la langue japonaise (jusqu'à Meiji)
Culture, langue et société japonaises

Thèse de doctorat

English in Japan: Conceptualisations of English and English Education in Japanese Educational and Social Contexts. University of London.


Chapitres d’ouvrage et articles

«The Role of Iconicity in Package Design: A Case of the Contemporary Marketing of Traditional Japanese Confectionery. » In Iconicity in Language and Literature 15. 2017, forthcoming.

「ブランドとしての英語:その情意的イメージと社会への影響」(L’anglais en tant que marque: Son image émotionnelle et son influence sur la société). In Media, English and Communication. (4) 23-41. 2014.

「『英語社内公用語』とはなにか:ビジネス雑誌記事タイトルから見られる英語観」(L’anglais comme “langue officielle”: Analyse du discours des magazines d’affaires japonais). In Higuchi, K (ed).『東アジアのことばと社会』 (Les langues et sociétés de l’Asie de l’est). Okayama: Daigaku Kyoiku Shuppan. 151-168. 2013.

Shibata, A. & Kawahara, K.「『メディア意識』論研究の可能性と展望」(La conscience des médias : Potentiel et développement de la recherche sur cette problématique). In Media, English and Communication (3) 153-172. 2013.

Tochikubo, Y., Wakita, Y., Matsuyama, C., Shibata, A. and Watanabe, Y.「東日本大震災・映像ドキュメントの制作と発信:被災地連携プロジェクトの実践研究」(Producing and Disseminating a Visual Record of the Eastern Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster: A Report of a Joint Project with Local Institutions in the Disaster Area.) In Sugiyama Jogakuen Research Journals (44) 87-102. 2013.

「サービス業の言語ニーズと国際言語管理」(Gestion des langues nécessaires au secteur des services).» In Honna, N., et al.『国際言語管理の意義と展望:企業、行政における実践と課題』 (Exercer efficacement la gestion des langues dans le contexte des affaires). Tokyo: Aoyama Gakuin University Press. 82-103. 2011.

Shibata, A. & Saito, C. 「日本企業における言語ニーズとその対応」(Gestion des langues nécessaires aux entreprises japonaises). In Honna, N., et al. 『国際言語管理の意義と展望:企業、行政における実践と課題』 (Exercer efficacement la gestion des langues dans le contexte des affaires). Tokyo: Aoyama Gakuin University Press. 122-139. 2011.

«Rethinking the Ownership of English as a Lingua Franca.» In Sugiyama Jogakuen Research Journals (42) 71-83. (2011).

Shibata, A. & Tsukada, M. «Tutorials in Writing: A Case Study of How a Japanese University Student Gained the Ownership of English.» In Journal on International Communication Studies, Sugiyama Jogakuen University. (8) 33-53. 2011.

«The Conceptualizations of English and English Education of Japanese University Students.» In Intercultural Communication Studies (ICS): a Festschrift for Nobuyuki Honna, Vol. XVII: 4, 152-170. 2008.

«The Ideology of English in High School English Textbooks.» In The Proceedings of the First International Conference on Language, Education and Diversity (LED) (CD-ROM version with no page numbering), University of Waikato, New Zealand. 2005)


Comptes rendus

Tam, Kwok-kan. (ed) Englishization in Asia: Language and Cultural Issues. 2009. In Asian Englishes 12 (2), 84-87.

Kachru, Y. and Cecil L. Nelson. (eds) World Englishes in Asian contexts. 2006. In Asian Englishes 10 (1), 2007. 122-125.



«A Combination of Oriental and Occidental Written Languages as Iconic Design for a New Image-making of Modernized Japanese Tradition: A Case of Japanese Confectionery Packages»

The Tenth Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature, University of Tübingen, Allemagne, mars 2015.

«Raising Awareness of Language and Culture through Translation»

The Twelfth International Conference of Association for Language Awareness, Hedmark University, Norvège, juillet 2014.

「『メディア意識論』の学際的研究の展望」(‘Media Awareness’ : Théories et Pratiques)

The Third Annual Convention of Japan Association for Media English Studies, Kansai University, Japon, septembre, 2013.

«English as a Brand»

The Ninth International Conference of Research and Applying Metaphor (RaAM), Lancaster University, Royaume-Uni, juillet 2012.

«The Ownership of ELF for Japanese University Students»

The Fourth International Conference of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF 4), Hong Kong Institute of Education, mai 2011.

«International Language Management in Japanese Market»

Sociolinguistic Symposium 18, University of Southampton, Royaume-Uni, septembre 2009.

«English as a Company Language»

The Fifteenth International Conference of International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (IAICS), Kumamoto Gakuen University, Japon, septembre 2010.

«TEIL (Teaching English as an International Language) in Plurilingualism»

The Eighth Association for Language Awareness (ALA) Conference, Université du Maine, Le Mans, France, juillet 2006.

«Is English Education Communicative? Critical Discourse Analysis of Governmental Curriculum Guidelines in Japan»

The Fourteenth Asian Englishes Conference, Chukyo University, Japon, décembre 2003.

«Ideologies of English Education in Japan; Critical Discourse Analysis of High School English Textbooks»

The First Language, Education and Diversity (LED) Conference, The University of Waikato, Nouvelle-Zélande, novembre 2003.

«The Ideologies of “English” in High School English Textbooks in Japan»

The Eleventh Asian Englishes Conference, Seisen University, Japon, juin 2002.

«The Ideology of “Internationalism” in High School English Textbooks in Japan»

The Ninth Sociolinguistics Conference, Chiba University, Japon, mars 2002.


Autres présentations

「ブランドとしての英語」«English as a Brand»

The 62th Annual Study Group of Japan Association for Media English Studies, Aichi Shukutoku University, Japon, juin 2013. (conférencière invitée)

「クリティカル・ディスコース・アナリシス:理論と実践」«Critical Discourse Analysis: Theory and Practice»

Academic Workshop on ‘Language and Human Being,’ Study Group Spring Seminar Japan, mars 2012.

«Being Members of Global Business Community 2010»

Professional Workshop on Cross-Cultural Communication, Star Alliance, Japon, septembre 2010.

「ブランド化された英語:日本社会における英語観」«Branded English: the Conceptualisation of English in Japanese Society»

‘Language and Human Being’ Study Group, Japon, novembre 2009.

«TEIL (Teaching English as an International Language) in Globalisation»

Cross-cultural Study Group, Institute of Education, Londres, février 2006.

「日本の英語教育における英語観:メタファー分析によるクリティカル・ディスコース・アナリシス」 «The Conceptualisation of English in English Education in Japan: Critical Discourse Analysis through Metaphorical Concepts»

‘Language and Human Being’ Study Group, Japon, mai 2003.

「高等学校の英語教科書に見られるイデオロギー」 «The Ideologies of English Education in High School English Textbooks in Japan»

Aoyama Gakuin International Communication Conference, Japon, juin 2002.

「‘use’と ‘speak’の使い方から見られる『道具的』英語観:高校英語教科書から」«‘Instrumentalism’ of English language in High School English Textbooks : usages of ‘use’ and ‘speak’»

‘Language and Human Being’ Study Group, Japon, mars 2002.