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Pascal Engel

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Ariel Cecchi, Julien Dutant, Davide Fassio and Anne Meylan

  • Paper: Julien Dutant, "Inexact Knowledge, Margin for Error and Positive Introspection", Proceedings of the XIth TARK conference, Presses Universitaires de Louvain, june 2007.
  • Paper: Anne Meylan, "The Value Problem for Knowledge: Against a Reliabilist Solution", Proceedings of the 4th Latin Meeting in Philosophy, Departement of Philosophy, University of Genova, sept 2007.
  • Paper: Julien Dutant, "The Case for Infallibilism", Proceedings of the 4th Latin Meeting in Philosophy, Departement of Philosophy, University of Genova, sept 2007.
  • Paper: Anne Meylan, "Le contrôle des croyances: défense d'une conception déontologique de la justification", Revue Klesis, 9:2008, 129-136.
  • Paper: Julien Dutant, "Pourquoi le problème de Gettier est-il si important?" Revue Klesis, 9:2008, 63-104.
  • Talk: Anne Meylan, "William Alston et la conception déontologique de la justification", Colloque de recherches des archives Poincaré, Nancy, april 13th 2007.
  • Talk: Julien Dutant, "The Limited Gradability of "knows"", Linguistics and Philosophy Conference, Aberdeen, may 2007.
  • Talk: Julien Dutant, "The Margin for Error Principle Revised", Joint Session of the Mind Association and the Aristotelian Society (Open Sessions), Bristol, july 2007.
  • Talk: Julien Dutant and Anne Meylan, "Is D-I-Y Belief Always Better?", Value of Knowledge Conference, Amsterdam, aug 2007.
  • Talk: Olivier Massin and Anne Meylan, "The Hedonic Value of Knowledge", Graduate Conference on Knowledge and Understanding, University of Edinburgh, November 13 2007.
  • Talk: Julien Dutant, "One Knows Only If One Couldn't Have Been Wrong", 2nd Philosophy Graduate Conference at the Central European University, Budapest, March 22-23rd, 2008.
  • Talk: "Austere Consequentialism, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying about the Value of Knowledge",5th Geneva-Barcelona meeting, Barcelona, June 4th-5th 2008.
  • Talk: "Counterfactual Scorekeeping and Knowledge Attributions", Paris-Oxford Philosophy of Language Workshop, Paris, June 25-26th 2008.
  • Talk: Davide Fassio, "The Norm of Truth for Belief", Candoc Coloquium of the Pro*Doc Mind, Normativity, Self and Properties, Ovronnaz, Septeember 5th-7th 2008.
  • Talk: Julien Dutant, "Four Worries for Safety", talk at the Epistemology Group, University of Edinburgh, October 8th 2008.
  • Talk:Julien Dutant, "Counterfactual Scorekeeping and Knowledge Attributions", Semantic Relativism and Context-Dependency: New Perspectives – Institut Jean Nicod – LOGOS Workshop, Barcelona, October 10-11th 2008.
  • Talk: Anne Meylan, "Bringing Closer Epistemic Responsibility and Responsibility for Consequences", talk at the Epistemology Group, University of Edinburgh, October 15th 2008.
  • Talk: Julien Dutant, "Counterfactual Scorekeeping and Knowledge Attributions", Workshop with Berit Brogaard (ANU), Julien Dutant (Geneva), Mikkel Gerken (Copenhagen) and Johan Gersel (Copenhagen), organized by Klemens Kappel and Mikkel Gerken, University of Copenhagen.