Past activities


March 13, 2pm-4pm
Mach's Influence on Schlick
Julia Franke Reddig
Room 103, Colladon

March 19, 10am-4pm
Mathematical Concepts
Romain Büchi
Room 103, Colladon

April 8, 2pm-4pm
Metaphysical Realism: Universals
Laurent Cesalli & Paolo Natali
dept. of philosophy, seminar room

April 22, 10am-12am
Brentano and Comte
Bruno Poli
Room 103, Colladon

May 14, 10am-6pm
Austrian Philosophy – Between Bolzano and the Vienna Circle
OCET Workshop with Lucas Baccarat (Vienna), Romain Büchi (Geneva), Christian Damböck (Vienna), Julia Franke-Reddig (Geneva)
Room C1/C2, Colladon



– May, 25-27, 2023: International Conference States of Affairs. Medieval and Austro-German Perspectives. Keynote Speakers: Alexandra Anisie (Babes-Bolyai), Johannes Brandl (Salzburg), Susan Brower-Toland (Saint Louis), Richard Gaskin (Liverpool), John Marenbon (Cambridge), Bo Meinertsen (Sheffield), Benjamin Schnieder (Wien), Ingrid Vendrell-Ferran (Marburg). Poster & Programme.

– November, 10, 2022: Journée d'études on Austro-German realisms, Neuchâtel (Institut de Philosophie).

– June, 2-4, 2022: International Conference Relations. Medieval and Austro-German Perspectives. Co-organised with GAP and AMPhi. Keynote Speakers: Guido Bonino (Torino), Jeffrey Brower (Purdue), Charles Girard (Genève), Uriah Kriegel (Rice), Kevin Mulligan (Lugano), Sonja Schierbaum (Würzburg), Peter Simons (Dublin), Hamid Taieb (Berlin). Poster & Programme.

– December, 2-4, 2021: International Conference A Historical Turn. Sources and Their Uses in Austro-German Philosophy. Keynote Speakers: Klaus Corcilius (Tübingen), Francesco Fronterotta (Roma La Sapienza), Charles Girard (Genève), Katerina Ierodiakonou (Genève), Colin King (Providence/Basel), Martin Lenz (Groningen), Ursula Renz (Graz), Sonja Schierbaum (Würzburg), Stephan Schmid (Hamburg), Jacob Schmutz (Louvain). Co-organised with AMPhiPoster.

– May, 6-8, 2021: Online Workshop “Universals. Austrian and Medieval Perspectives”. Keynote speakers: Gabriele Galluzzo (Exeter) and Wolfgang Künne (Hamburg). Co-organised with AMPhiPoster & Programme.

– April, 23, 2021 (1-4 pm): Online Workshop Hume in Austria. Invited speakers: Denis Seron (Liège) and Hynek Janoušek (Prague). Poster.

– January 27, 2020: Workshop Intentionality - with Mauro Antonelli (Milano Bicocca) (talk given in German), Kevin Mulligan (Genève&Lugano), Laurent Cesalli (Geneva), Charles Girard (Genève), Hamid Taieb (Hamburg). Programme.

– Journées on Realism about Universals in Austro-German and Contemporary Philosophy:

  • April 9, 2020: "The Universal-Particular Distinction: A Dogma of Metaphysics?": discussion of MacBride 2005;
  • February 19, 2020: "Universals in Albert the Great" (Programme);
  • December 12, 2019: "Universals in Husserl's Philosophy" (Programme);
  • November, 7, 2019 "Universals. From Contemporary to Austrian and Back Again" (Programme);
  • January 16, 2020: "Universals in Anton Marty's Philosophy" (Programme);

– October 31, 2019: Lake Geneva Graduate Conference "Kinds - in Philosophy and Its History" (Organized with CUSOeidos, and dialectica). Programme

– Conference INBEGRIFF/SEMAINO, "Logic and Grammar from Late Scholasticism to Austrian Philosophy", University of Geneva, June 13-14, 2019 (programme)

–  Workshop "For an Austro-German Aristotle", April 4-5, 2019 (programme)

–  Workshop "Scholastic philosophy in the Austro-German tradition", January 10, 2019 (programme)

–  Workshop INBEGRIFF/SEMAINO, "Que veut dire ‘signifier’? Quelques réponses modernes et contemporaines", April 13, 2018.

–  Workshop "L'Esthétique dans la tradition austro-allemande", University of Geneva, January 24, 2018 (programme).

– "Anton Marty and Contemporary Philosophy" (Call for Papers), University of Geneva, June 15-17, 2017 (closing conference of the SNF project "Meaning and Intentionality in Anton Marty")

– Talk by Jocelyn Benoist, "Que ce qui n'existe pas n'existe vraiment pas, même en Sardaigne", University of Geneva, May 12, 2017, organised in collaboration with Phileas.

– "Intentionality and Consciousness. From Austrian to Contemporary Philosophy of Mind", Universities of Fribourg, Geneva and Salzburg, November 25-26, 2016.

– "Perspectives on Deontology from Early Phenomenology and Contemporary Philosophy. Workshop with Barry Smith", University of Geneva, July 6, 2016 (updated program), access to Barry Smith's lecture here.
– "Brentano in Discussion. Workshop with Uriah Kriegel", University of Geneva, April 20, 2016
– "Philosophies autrichiennes & Anti-Kants", University of Geneva, November 20-21, 2015
– "Austro-German Objects and Scientific Philosophy. Workshop with Dale Jacquette", University of Geneva, October 6, 2015
– "Objectivisme et fonctionnalisme dans les théories austro-allemandes de la signification" (Round Table), Triennial International Congress of the SoPha, Université de Montréal and UQAM, June 17-20, 2015
– "Intentional Objects Allsorts. Varieties from Austro-German and Medieval Philosophy. Workshop with Arkadiusz Chrudzimski", University of Geneva, June 9, 2015