June 3 
Inbegriff Session
Metaphysical Realism: States of Affairs
Laurent Cesalli & Guillaume Fréchette
Dept. of Philosophy, 2pm-6pm

June 13
OCET Lectures and Workshop Series #2
Franz Brentano in Vienna
Denis Fisette (UQAM, Montréal)
Room C1/C2, Colladon, 2pm-4pm

Sept 11-13
The Historiography of Philosophy in the 20th Century: Problems and Prospects
International Conference [Inbegriff]
Phil 211




May 14, 10:00-17:30
OCET Lectures and Workshop Series #1:
Austro-German Philosophy: Between Bolzano and the Vienna Circle
Poster & Programme

  • Lucas Baccarat (Vienna): "Neurath and Avenarius: From the Natural Concept of the World to Everyday Language"
  • Christian Damböck (Vienna): "Carnap's Noncognitivism and the Value Philosophy of the Brentano School"
  • Julia Franke-Reddig (Geneva): "Scholz on Bolzano"
  • Romain Büchi (Geneva): "Towards a Meinongian Semantics for Mathematical Discourse"

Room C1/C2, Colladon

April 29 
Inbegriff Session
Metaphysical Realism: Multiple Individuation
Laurent Cesalli & Paolo Natali
Zoom, 2:30pm-4:30pm

April 22
OCET Meeting
Bruno Poli
Room 103, Colladon 2pm-4pm

April 8 
Inbegriff Session
Metaphysical Realism: Universals
Laurent Cesalli & Paolo Natali
Dept. of Philosophy, 2pm-4pm

March 19
OCET Meeting
Mathematical Concepts
Romain Büchi
On Schlick
Julia Franke-Reddig 
Room 103, Colladon 10am-4pm

March 13
OCET Meeting
Mach's Influence on Schlick
Julia Franke-Reddig
Room 103, Colladon 2pm-4pm