Simon Braun

Collaboration Hoogendoorn lab



Congratulations Hanna Schwaemmle for your important contribution to this work from the Hoogendoorn lab at UNIGE.

Abstract. Target deconvolution of small molecule hits from phenotypic screens presents a major challenge. Many screens have been conducted to find inhibitors for the Hedgehog signaling pathway – a developmental pathway with many implica- tions in health and disease – yielding many hits but only few identified cellular targets. We here present a strategy for target identification based on Proteolysis-Targeting Chimeras (PROTACs), combined with label-free quanti- tative proteomics. We develop a PROTAC based on Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitor-1 (HPI-1), a phenotypic screen hit with unknown cellular target. Using this Hedgehog Pathway PROTAC (HPP) we identify and validate BET bromo- domains as the cellular targets of HPI-1. Furthermore, we find that HPP-9 is a long-acting Hedgehog pathway inhibitor through prolonged BET bromodo- main degradation. Collectively, we provide a powerful PROTAC-based approach for target deconvolution, that answers the longstanding question of the cellular target of HPI-1 and yields a PROTAC that acts on the Hedgehog pathway. 

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1 Jul 2023