Laser Microdissection (1 system)

Leica LMD (Tel. 95 583)


Laser MicroDissection (LMD) makes it possible to distinguish between relevant and non-relevant cells or tissues. It enables the researcher to obtain homogeneous, ultra-pure samples from heterogeneous starting material. Samples are collected by gravity - contact-free and contamination-free. Researcher can selectively and routinely analyze regions of interest down to single cells from all kinds of tissues (fixed cells from cell culture) to obtain results that are relevant, reproducible, and specific.

This microscope can be used as a basic fluorescence and transmission widefield microscope (image acquisition, time-lapse recording), but also as a Laser Microdissector Microscope (LMD) with the following applications:

  • Cell isolation from  tissue sections (fixed samples)
  • Subcellular ablation (live samples that do not require a CO2 controlled environment and a 37C Temperature controller)
Leica LMD.jpg

Detailed specifications

Sample preparation for Leica LMD:

Special slides and Petri dishes:

For performing ablation experiments, special consumables are required. For more details and orders, please consult:

Note. PEN slides (x50) cost approximatively CHF 200 and PEN slides RNAse-free (x50) about CHF 500.


  • Upright Leica DM 6500
  • Fluorescence and transmission sources for widefield visualization
  • Green (GFP) fluorescence cube


  • UVI 5x/0.12 microdissection (for LMD)
  • HCX PL FLUOTAR L 20x/0.40 corr (for LMD)
  • HCX PL FLUOTAR L 40x/0.60 (for LMD)
  • HCX PL FLUOTAR L20x/0.40 corr \infty/0-2/c

Leica CC7000 (Color) camera :

Objective Micron/ pixel value
5x 1.517
20x 0.376
40x 0.190


DFC 360FX (W&B) camera :

Objective Micron/ pixel value
5x 1.000
20x 0.456
40x 0.226
63x 0.143

Mounted Filters

  • Position 1: LMD- BGR, Leica 11151391
  • Position 2: LMD GFP, Leica 11532651
  • Position 3: GFP ET, Leica 111504184

Laser capture

Cryslas Laser (for Laser MicroDissection):

  • Max. pulse energy: 50 µJ
  • Pulse frequency: 80 Hz
  • Wavelength: 355 nm


2 cameras (for LMD and Fluorescence/Trans):

  • LMD: Leica LMD CC7000
  • Epifluorescence/Trans: Leica DFC 360 FX camera


  • Windows 7 64bits and Windows XP (2PC)
  • LMD and LAS-AF softwares