Widefield Microscopy (4 systems)

Nikon Widefield P2 (Tel. 94 786)


  • (Fast) Live-cell imaging (environmental chamber, hardware autofocus)
  • Multi-colour fluorescence


  • Nikon ECLIPSE Ti2-E inverted microscope
  • OKOlab environmental chamber (temperature and CO2 control)
  • Perfect Focus System 3 (PFS-3)
  • Several stage inserts (35 mm dish, slides, ...)


  • PLAN FLUOR 4x/0.13, WD=16.5mm
  • PLAN FLUOR 10X/0.30 PH-1, WD= 16 mm
  • PLAN FLUOR 20X/0.50 PH-1, WD=2.1mm
  • PLAN FLUOR 40x/0.75 PH-2, WD= 0.66 mm
  • PLAN APO LBDA 60x/1.40 OIL IMMERSION, WD=0.13 mm
  • PLAN APO LBDA 100x/1.45 OIL IMMERSION, WD= 0.13 mm

     PLAN FLUOR 40x/1.30 OIL IMMERSION, WD= 0.24 mm

Illumination (Lumencor Spectra III)

DAPI 390/22   500mW

CFP 440/20   500mW

GFP 475/28   500mW

YFP 510/25   400mW

Cy3 555/28   500mW

mCherry 575/25   500mW

Cy5 637/12   500mW

Cy7 748/12   500mW


Penda-band Pinkel Set for DAPI/ FITC/ TRITC/ CY5/ CY7

Penda-band Pinkel Set for CFP/ YFP/ mCherry

Detection filter (7 positions)

DAPI   em:432/36  dichroic:409nm

FITC, GFP, Alexa488   em:515/30  dichroic:493nm

TRITC,DsRed, dTomato   em:595/31  dichroic:573nm

Cy5, APC, Alex647   em:680/42  dichroic:652nm

Cy7 not installed

CFP   em:482/25  dichroic:459nm

mCherry, TexasRed   em:641/75  dichroic:596nm

YPF   em:544/24


Kinetix sCMOS camera (Photometrics): 10 Megapixel, 6.5 um pixel size, 500 frames per second, 29.4 mm field of view, 95% Quantum Efficiency.


Windows 7 64bits
NIS- Elements AR 5.30.06 software