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[1015] Targeting of cytokine secreting lymphocyte (TCSL) group

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Our research focuses on dissecting the role of innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) and tumor-specific CD4 T cells in anti-tumor immunity, to optimize current immunotherapy strategies.

By combining studies directly in patient’s samples with analyses in relevant tumor mouse models we explore how cytokine secreting lymphocytes interact with tumor and stromal cells to sculpt the tumor microenvironment.

Targeting human ILCs to reinvigorate anti-tumor immunity

As innate and rapid source of distinct cytokines, ILCs have emerged as key orchestrators of immunity, inflammation and homeostasis. We are interested in examining the role of ILCs in anti-tumor immunity to exploit them for optimized cancer immunotherapy. Using transcriptomic, epigenetic and phenotypic studies we are assessing quantitative and qualitative alterations of ILCs directly in cancer patients, pre- and post-treatment. By interfering in vitro and in vivo with identified targetable pathways we are exploring therapeutic options that exploit ILC biology.

High-throughput analysis of tumor-specific CD4 T cells for cancer immunotherapy

Increasing evidence highlights the crucial roles of tumor-antigen and neo-antigen specific CD4 T cells in anti-tumor immunity. We focus on the quantitative and qualitative evaluations of natural and therapy-induced tumor-specific CD4 T cell responses, by adopting and developing cutting-edge technologies for high-throughput analyses, at the single cell level. We aim at identifying CD4 T cell features associated with clinical efficacy, to be rapidly translated to the patients.