Langage et cognition

Agathe Cambon


Assistante - Doctorante

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The impact of translanguaging pedagogy on the learning of derivational morphology by adult migrants 

Learning the host country's language is critical for migrants, especially if they are compelled to migrate as it is a requirement for renewing their residence permit. Research indicates that emotional factors also play a significant role in language acquisition.

The 'translanguaging pedagogy' (TP) method challenges the traditional language teaching approach by utilizing learners' existing knowledge as a foundation for acquiring new knowledge, contrary to the notion that the language classroom should be solely dedicated to the target language. While previous studies have demonstrated TP's effectiveness in multilingual classrooms of young students, it remains uncertain whether this method can be applied in classes of adult migrants who speak a variety of languages that the teacher is not proficient in.

To investigate this, a pilot study was conducted in Geneva with adult migrant learners. The study focused on teaching derivational morphology using TP techniques, wherein the teacher facilitates learners in reflecting on their own languages in relation to French. The results suggest that the TP method is feasible in this context.

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