Langage et cognition

Julie Franck


Maître d'Enseignement et de Recherche
Tel.: 022 379 91 07; 022 379 91 59 (fax)


Uni-Mail bureau 6360
Boulevard du Pont d'Arve 40
1205 Genève


Research interests

My work focuses on syntactic representations and processes. I’m interested in identifying general principles that guide syntactic production and comprehension, in both adults and children. One key aspect of the research conducted in my team is the cross-linguistic approach by which the performance of babies or adults from languages differing on critical syntactic properties is compared. Such comparisons allow determining universal characteristics of syntactic representations and processes as well as specificities lying in cross-linguistic variation. The approach is that of cognitive science, combining constructs from linguistic theory hypothesized to describe the syntax of natural languages, and experimental methods developed in psycholinguistics to explore syntactic performance by way of measures of timing (in paradigms of speech initiation, self-paced reading, on-line grammaticality judgements, preferential looking) and errors (in spontaneous production or in paradigms of sentence elicitation).

The specific research topics covered in my team are:

  • Grammatical agreement
  • Hierarchical structure in artificial grammar learning
  • The acquisition of word order and subordination
  • The role of executive control in the acquisition of syntax