21 mai 2013 - Séminaire "Political discourse and Corpus-based Translation studies" par Dr. María del Mar Sánchez Ramos

European Comparable and Parallel Corpora: Political discourse and Corpus-based Translation studies
"This seminar will present the main finding of the research project European Comparable and Parallel Corpora (ECPC), which compares and contrasts parliamentary speeches from different European Chambers with a corpus-based methodology."

séminaire donné en anglais par
Dr. María del Mar Sánchez Ramos de l’Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid, Espagne)

"Dr. María del Mar Sánchez Ramos is a Lecturer in Translation Studies at the University of Alcalá (Madrid, Spain). She studied at the University of Granada (Spain) and received her Ph.D. in Translation Studies from Universitat Jaume I (Castellon, Spain). She completed her post-doctoral studies on Corpus-based Translation Studies supervised by Dr. Dorothy Kenny (Centre for Translation and Textual Studies, Dublin City University, Ireland). Her main areas of interest are translator training, corpus-based translation studies, localisation and translation technology. Her research has been developed within different national and international projects (ECPC, GEA, AGORA, FITISPOS)."

Mardi 21 mai 2013 de 12h15 à 13h45
Salle M6020, 6ème étage Uni Mail

2 mai 2013