Doctoral program in Global Health (PhD)

Applying to the doctoral program

Every year at the 1st of April the application deadline of the PhD program closes. The PhD program in Global Health is designed to empower national and international health professionals by enhancing their research skills and academic abilities. With a specific focus on implementation research, the program equips students with the necessary tools to apply research findings effectively in real-world settings.

Ideal for health professionals at all career levels, including researchers, practitioners, and aspiring academics, the program offers a tailored curriculum that broadens and deepens their understanding of global health. Through the exploration of global health approaches through courses, workshops and academic work, students gain valuable insights and perspectives that can be applied in diverse health contexts worldwide.

We aim to train working professionals, embedded in organizations across the globe, to become independent researchers capable of designing and conducting research projects. We strive to build strong connections between organizations and academic institutes, fostering collaboration to ensure research has a meaningful impact on field projects.

The program prepares students to conduct independent research within their respective organizations, providing them with mentorship and guidance from academic supervisors. Our ultimate goal is to develop proficient researchers who can work autonomously in interdisciplinary teams. By focusing on implementation research, we aim to address real-world problems from both practical and academic perspectives.