Doctoral program in Global Health (PhD)

Thesis requirements

Minimal thesis requirements

In summary, the evaluation of the thesis work includes the following components:

  • Acquisition of 18 ECTS: As part of the evaluation process, it is required to obtain a total of 18 ECTS credits. This includes earning 4 ECTS credits in total through participating twice in the Spring School in Global Health.
  • Pre-doctoral thesis: The predoctoral thesis report and oral presentation serves as a significant milestone before the completion of the doctoral thesis. During this event, the doctoral student presents their thesis project to the Steering Committee, with at least one member of the student's Doctoral Committee in attendance.
  • Final exam: The candidate's thesis manuscript serves as the foundation for a final exam, which assesses the PhD student's ability to effectively communicate their technical research knowledge in a clear and understandable manner. The exam consists of a twenty-minute lecture for a master's level audience, during which a part of the jury is present, followed by questions from the jury.
  • Thesis manuscript: The thesis manuscript should consist of a minimum of two accepted publications that have been written as a part of the PhD study. These articles must be published (or fully accepted) in peer-reviewed scientific journals, with the student as the first author and the main supervisor as a co-author. These publications demonstrate the candidate's ability to contribute to the field of study.
  • Public defense: A critical component of the evaluation is a successful public defense of the thesis. The candidate presents their work in front of a thesis jury, who assess the quality, significance, and contribution of the research.