Doctoral program in Global Health (PhD)

Attendance format

In the first year of your doctoral program, in-person attendance is required (at least) twice:

  1. The first instance involves finalizing enrollment and registration at the university, with the flexibility to choose a date in consultation with the admission office. This must be completed between September and December, the first semester of your PhD.
  2. The second requirement is one week at the end of March or in April during the second semester of your PhD, attending the Spring School of Global Health, a mandatory course in the program.

During the second year, a similar in-person attendance requirement applies for the Spring School of Global Health.

As for other course attendance, you have the option to choose from the SSPH+ course offerings, provided by the Swiss School of Public Health. These courses include both online and onsite options. Your selection should align with your schedule and availability. Additionally, with your supervisor's approval, you can earn credits by taking courses from other universities.

In summary, 4 ECTS credits must be earned through in-person attendance at the Spring School of Global Health (1 week in spring during both the first and second year). The remaining 14 ECTS credits can be obtained by attending SSPH+ courses and/or courses from other universities, subject to approval from your thesis supervisor.