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Saraly-Andrade-De-Sa.jpg  Saraly Andrade de Sa

Saraly Andrade de Sa is an economist interested in environmental and development issues. She has done research on issues revolving around land-use changes and deforestation and optimal environmental policy design in the oil market. She is a senior fellow at the University of Geneva, and affiliated with the Institute of Environmental Sciences and the Economics and Management Hub.


nbl.jpg Nicolas Baya Laffite

Nicolas Baya Laffite is Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at the Department of Sociology of the University of Geneva. His work focuses on conflict in the production of sociotechnical orderings and innovation. He specializes on environmental and climate concerns where expertise and innovation appear as central political matters. His approach combines on both traditional social science methods and digital methods. He teaches STS-related courses, both introductory and advanced. Before joining the UNIGE, he worked at the University of Lausanne, Sciences-Po Paris, and at the EHESS. Beyond academia, he has developed third stream activities as an expert for both national and International organizations, including Canton of Vaud’s Directorate of Land Planning and Housing, OECD’s innovation policy platform, and UNESCO’s MOST program.

b093fbc106327a1adea3c0697c5f759d_f2943.jpg  Mathilde Bourrier

M. Bourrier holds a PhD in sociology from Sciences-Po Paris (1996) and a Habilitation from the University of Technology in Compiègne (UTC), France (2004). She moved to Switzerland in 2006 to become full professor at UNIGE. She works on the social construction of safety, focusing on the conditions under which organizational reliability can be achieved. She has conducted extensive ethnographic studies such as nuclear power plants in France and in the US, and in a large Swiss teaching hospital, looking for example at skills and know-how transmission in Anesthesiology. During the last 10 years, she has been involved with research projects dealing with management of epidemics and pandemics, first with colleagues at Berkeley (2008-2010), later as PI of the SNF research project "Unraveling lessons learned from the A(H1N1) pandemic to the 2014 Ebola Epidemic" (2013-2017) and currently within PAN-FIGHT, Norwegian project where she leads WP1 (comparing preparedness strategies among UK, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Switzerland, 2020-2022).


zujkrzu.jpg Sandro Cattacin

Sandro Cattacin studied economic history, political science and political philosophy at the University of Zurich (1982–1987). With an Italian fellowship he then participated in the PhD programme in political and social science at the European University Institute in Florence (1987–1990) where he obtained his PhD in 1992. Since October 2003, he is professor at the sociological department of the University of Geneva. His research interests include urban policy and mobility, social policy and health policy. He is also interested in issues related to vulnerability and the risks of discrimination.


zujrzu.jpg  Cédric Durand

Cédric Durand is an economist, Associate Professor at the University of Geneva and member of the Centre d’économie Paris Nord. Working within the tradition of Marxist and French Regulationist Political Economy, he studies globalization, financialization and contemporary mutations of capitalism.


peter_larsen.png Peter Bille Larsen

Peter Bille Larsen is Senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Geneva as well as visiting fellow at the College of Humanities, EPFL in Lausanne. His work addresses the governance intersection between heritage, sustainable development and social equity issues at both local and global levels through both practice and research. Key publications include Post-frontier resource governance (Palgrave, 2015), The Anthropology of Conservation NGOs (Palgrave, 2018), World Heritage and Human Rights (Routledge, 2018) and World Heritage and Sustainable Development (Routledge, 2018) as well as recent publications on indigenous rights and environmental defenders. He has a strong interest in the intersection between environmental conservation and social equity concerns, including work in the fields of transboundary conservation policy and practice, international rights standards and sustainable development.


valentina_mele_cv.jpg  Valentina Mele 

Valentina Mele is Associate Professor at Università Bocconi and at SDA Bocconi School of Management. Her research activities focus on innovation in public organizations; international governance and international organizations; corporate citizenship and cross-sector partnerships. She has been an associate visiting professor at Princeton (WWS), and has taught at Fudan University, Shanghai, ESADE and Bethlehem University (Palestine). She has been a research fellow at Leiden University, LSE, UC Irvine, and at Columbia University as Fulbright Scholar. She has been a member of the Sustainability Independent Advisory Board, European Aluminum Association and she currently seats in the Board and in the Sustainability Committee of the second largest toll road operator in the world. She is Senior Editor of the Journal of Public Policy, Cambridge University Press and a member of the Editorial board of Governance. Valentina holds a Master in Public Administration (Columbia University) and a PhD in Management (London School of Economics). 


282540.jpg  Michalis Nikiforos 

Michalis Nikiforos has been an Associate Professor in the Department of History, Economics and Society since August 2020. His research interests include macroeconomic theory and policy, the relation between distribution of income and economic growth, political and economic fluctuations, as well as the political economy of the Eurozone. He is also a Research Scholar at the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College in New York, and a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, the Review of Keynesian Economics and Metroeconomica. Nikiforos holds a BA in economics and an M.Sc. in economic theory from the Athens University of Economics and Business, and an M.Phil. and a Ph.D. in economics from the New School for Social Research. 


6a5bc4aa10f3a4a4f9c90bde0dc8ff94_f2543.jpg  Marlyne Sahakian 

Marlyne Sahakian is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Geneva, where she brings a sociological lens to consumption studies and sustainability. She is also the director of the Masters programme in Sustainable Societies and Social Change, and is committed to education for sustainable development. She gained a PhD in Development Studies from the Graduate Institute (2011), and co-founded SCORAI Europe in 2012 – a network for sustainable consumption research and action. Her research interest is in understanding everyday practices in relation to environmental promotion, social equity and social change. She coordinates research projects on household energy and food consumption, and wellbeing, working with interdisciplinary teams. Her books include Keeping Cool in Southeast Asia: energy consumption and urban air-conditioning (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), Consumption Corridors (Routledge, 2021), and a textbook on innovative teaching methods for sustainable consumption, coming out in 2022. She is also co-editor of the new journal, Consumption & Society (BUP).


daniel-2.jpg  Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead 

Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead has been working for European and International organisations, first at the European Commission in Brussels, and then at the International Labour Office (ILO). He is the Co-Founder and Chair of the Fair Wage Network, and also created and developed the ‘Fair Wage’ approach (see his book Fair Wages – Strengthening Corporate Social Responsibility, Edward Elgar, 2010), which has been implemented by a number of brands and led to a certification process. Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead is also Professor at SciencesPo in Paris and at the University of Geneva where he is notably teaching a course on ‘Governance in Global Supply Chains’. He recently wrote the book ‘At the core of Global Supply Chains: The impact of purchasing practices on wages and working conditions’ published by Edward Elgar in cooperation with the ILO, forthcoming 2022.