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DF6A4020.jpg Eirini AIDINI

University of Geneva


Throughout those years, and bit by bit, a deeper urge grew on me towards the topics of Corporate Social Responsibility, Development Economics, and Sustainability. During a 3 months internship for the Permanent Mission of Greece at the WTO, I had the opportunity to take part in discussions related to trade barriers, subsidies, SMEs and their growth potential, technologies in developing countries and among all, follow up negotiations in international level and impact that got me inspired to a point that I wanted to pursue more. And there I fell onto the Master of Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development (STAREG). Geneva has gained a special place in my heart, broaden my horizons and unraveled new international paths for me. But most importantly, the door I am willing to open now with this Master.

Nytaï Samuel Aidlin.jpg Nytaï Samuel AIDLIN      
Nikhil Sayi AMDYALA Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad India  
Amen Matteo.jpg

Matteo AMEN

University of Geneva   I have a genuine and strong interest for geopolitics, as well as problematics of poverty and inequality. Moreover, environmental, insecurity and social justice problems. The STAREG represents for me a very interdisciplinary master's degree, which touches on all these issues and this is the reason why I applied. I want to acquire knowledge to gain new skills in the area of sustainability and make a positive impact on society.

Laiba AMIR

     I have been interested by topics related to sustainable development, climate change and environmentalism for a majority of my life.  While pursing my bachelor in hospitality management, I but always felt that this aspect of sustainability was missing in my curriculum. However, I was able to preserve my interest in sustainability in a hospitality context by joining a sustainability club, and choosing projects regarding sustainability where ever possible. My time at EHL demonstrated to me that for widespread change to occur in regard to sustainability it has to begin with evaluating the current system and policies in place and implementing impactful regulations and standards. This programs multidisciplinary approach on tackling sustainability is what drew me to it. I hope this program helps me to be more knowledgeable about the governance of sustainability and to help shift not only the conversation around sustainability but to help make meaningful change.  

altynai asakeeva.png


Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University   As a young professional who is well-acquainted with work of international organizations, such as: UNDP and Qatar Charity in Bishkek, WSIS (ITU) and UNECE in Geneva, I had a great opportunity to work on issues related to international law, international relations and the United Nation system. Which is why I believe that the knowledge and experience that the STAREG Master program is offering will help me in learning more international practices and enhance my professional skills;


    After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Geneva, I wanted to deepen my knowledge on the topic of sustainable development. My cross-cultural upbringing exposed me to different cultures, but also to different living standards. Therefore, I first opted for the Political Economy program at the same university then shift towards the STAREG program to focus more on the Sustainable Development Goals. I believe the multidisciplinary approach of the Master degree offers a holistic view on the current issues to prepare society to shift towards a fairer and more sustainable society ».



Faculty of Media and Communication, Belgrade, Serbia  

I applied for the STAREG programme due to a perceived need to broaden my understanding of the concepts of sustainability and standardization in order to put these elements into practice in my professional career going forward.

Academically, I have recently focused on the themes of conflict sensitivity, diplomacy and institutional capacity building. This has awoken my interest and desire to delve deeper into how countries can chart pathways towards development that do not have adverse impacts on economic, social, political or environmental conditions for the generations to come.




In 2019, I obtained a Bachelor degree in Arts of sociology from the University of Geneva. 

As I am naturally interested in the social aspect of the sustainability transition at both international and local level, pursuing my cursus within STAREG was clear to me as it gathers these concepts in one curriculum. For the sake of my master thesis, I plan to dig more into those elements, particularly in the effects of international sustainable initiatives on small communities, to spot the challenges around it and see what can we learn from that. 

Bertsch Jesswin Picture.jpg


University of Geneva  

I cultivate a strong interest in issues of sustainability, innovation and technologies that can empower communities.This curiosity led me to contribute to the creation of projects in the sanitary field in South India and Ethiopia through an association and then to do an internship in an NGO working on access to water in South-East Asia. These experiences reinforced my idea of applying for Stareg, which is unique in that it takes into account the social and economic aspects as well as standards in the notion of sustainability, making this master's degree all the more complete and relevant in today's world. As standardization is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world and in the international development branch, I hope to acquire real expertise in the field before continuing my career.

francis Boateng.jpg


Manon Ana Maria Bonjour.jpg

Manon Ana Maria BONJOUR


I have a strong interest in Sustainability, Climatic Change and social Inequalities. I am genuinely interested in developing my skills in those areas. Due to those topics, I chose to do a bachelor of geography and environment in the university of Geneva. By pursuing this Master I would open possibilities in the workfield related to these topics. I want to be able to have an impact during my career.

Nicolas Cotte Cabarcas.jpg

Nicolas Cotte CABARCAS


After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in  Economics in 2016 I  worked with the Colombian Government’s Disaster Risk Reduction Agency where I  participated  in the execution of disaster response actions and was deployed on the field in different regions of the country. Afterwards, I worked with an INGO (Danish Refugee Council) in a program delivering humanitarian assistance in Bogotá and its surroundings, to migrant population and their host communities. Taking part of this program will help me keep questioning how it is that we can contribute to build societies that promote care,  inclusion, and a wholesome relationship with the environment. 


Lei-Ming CAINE


I am from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific and I graduated with a bachelors in Environmental Management. This master is interesting and relevant to me through its focus on sustainability as well as its emphasis on standardisation.  It would be an interesting addition to my current knowledge as well as explore new insights into how the world works. 



University of Geneva  

My professional goal is to contribute to a more environmentally friendly world by increasing the responsibility of firms. Thus, I would like to work as a Sustainability Consulter or Complier and help the corporations of our world to respect all the standards needed and also to put in place real actions that would give the opportunity for human evolution to continue with respect for nature.

One of my best experiences at university was to coordinate the Sustainability Week of Geneva at UNIGE in collaboration with the Graduate Institute of Geneva.




Coming from a small village in the countryside of the most agricultural region of France, I developed an awareness from a young age of environmental degradation associated with intensive industrialised agricultural practices. This awareness progressively evolved into a strong interest in environmental issues in general and in turn, I decided to study politics and international relations at the University of Sheffield in the UK. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree, I chose to pursue my studies at the University of Geneva, with the intention of strengthening my knowledge about the world's political economy in order to find solutions to reorganise our societies in a more environmental and socially sustainable way." oliveira gonçalves.jpg


Laval University, Quebec City, Canada  

I have always had a particular interest in International affairs. After following a class on Global Health, my curiosity for sustainable development heightened. Upon finding out about STAREG, I knew it would be the perfect fit. The multidisciplinary approach gives me the opportunity to further my knowledge in the matter. Especially from an economic point of view. STAREG also offers a practical approach which is so important today for future professionals. I would like to pursue in the field of sustainable development and I am hopeful this Master's program will provide me with the necessary tools and experience to achieve my goals.


Haute Ecole de Gestiton Geneva


With a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, I'm looking to further my academical training in the field of Sustainable development. International current affairs were always something whose I have a particular interest. It is then, during my years into the Business Administration School of Geneva (HEG), I had the opportunity to follow several courses related to globalization, international norms and organization governance. This academical courses finally compel me to get involve on these current affairs and confirm where my future carrier should be. Today, I have chosen this Master to provide me the overriding tools and solid knowledge to overtake all the issues we are facing today.

Anand Dorj.jpg

Anand DORI


My interest in sustainability started while I was working for an engineering and construction company in Mongolia. We were building one of the world’s largest underground mining project and sustainability played a pivotal role in every aspect of the construction phase. Therefore, I decided to study more about sustainable development.

One of the main reasons that I chose SACHA is its core concept of sustainable development and its interdisciplinary study plan. The master’s program would equip me with the right skills and knowledge, and it would open up new opportunities especially with Intergovernmental Organizations.




My name is Jaina Duperrex. I am 22 years old and I am from Lausanne in Switzerland. I have done my bachelor’s degree in international relations at Geneva University (orientation in global studies). Last semester, I had the opportunity to do an exchange and study in Finland. In my free time, I enjoy spending time for association or organization which help other people. I also really enjoy travelling and discovering each other culture. I think everyone has so much to give and share with each other. I am really looking forward to start my master. It looks really interesting to me.  




In the final year of my Bachelor’s degree in Human Rights, I have produced a dissertation titled “Poverty Through Gender Lens: Evidence, Legal and Policy Review on Women and Poverty”, where I explored the interconnection between economic processes, international policies, and their effect on social and economic rights women. What I found that I was missing was skills on how to connect theory with practice. I am most eager to pursue a Master’s in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development because of the program’s multidimensional approach to sustainability, decision-making and standards. I am excited about the next two years as me and my colleagues take our first steps to transform our current practices for the maximum benefit of our society. 

Xiuxiao Fan.jpg Xiuxiao FAN    

Poverty problem have always been my major concern, as I went through this during my childhood. I volunteered as teacher in China and in Indonesia, hoping to encourage local kids to get rid of poverty through education as I did. Yet later I realized individual influence is limited. Then I turned to believe that development would be the best way to eliminate poverty. Therefore I worked in the telecommunication infrastructure construction sector in Senegal, hoping to bring some changes through infrastructure-driven development. But I was still disappointed by the local socio-economic and international geopolitical barriers to development. In the end I turned to the SACHA program for a sustainable answer to this problem.

Pablo GUILLAUME-GENTIL University of Neuchâtel Switzerland, Spain I have always been interested in sustainable development and in what way it is possible to respond to global warming and all its consequencies. With this idea in mind, I have studied social sciences in order to open up doors for studies with such purposes. So now here I am, beacause I think I will be able to meet my challenge in my future profesional life thanks of this master.

Xinran HUANG

Australian National University Canberra, Australia

I obtained my master degree in Public Administration at ANU, with a B.A in Business. Previously, I had internship experience in quality assurance on international aid programs design. Vulnerability derived from poverty, inequality, and lack of capability in women and youth empowerment, that I witnessed during the volunteer experience in a developing country, has motivated me to engage with real-life policy issues and sustainable development work in the future career path. I am hence eager to learn the profound knowledge in sustainability and cross-sector dynamics to carry through the SDGs, from this master program of sustainable societies and social change at UNIGE.

Pas foto_Putri Irvanna_latar Putih.jpg Putri IRVANA

University of Brawijaya, Indonesia


The comprehensive curriculum offered by the STAREG program and the university’s established reputation have reassured me of the opportunities for me to gain profound knowledge in the field of standardization. I am specifically interested in the Voluntary, consensus based-standards course, which will provide insights for my research objectives to write a dissertation on social and economic benefits of voluntary standards related to the implementation of SNI in my country. Upon completing my study, I intend to return to my home country to dedicate myself in BSN by providing effective solutions on how to increase the implementation of SNI among SMEs and to disseminate the information related to SNI standards.

Laura Katrien Bénédicte Jacquemin.jpg Laura Katrien Bénédicte JACQUEMIN    

After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Geography and environment from the University of Geneva, I wanted to learn more about sustainability. The SACHA Masters occurred to me as evidence as it focuses not only on the environmental part of sustainability but also on the social and economic parts. Therefore, this master’s degree represents for me a good opportunity to improve my knowledge in this field. I am also very interested to learn more about the responsibility that different actors have towards sustainable social change and how this responsibility changes among collective such as government, International organizations, or individual levels.

Micaël JENNI University of Lausanne Switzerland I graduated last July with a B.A in Political Science. During my studies, I have been looking forward to combine environmental subjects as "Environmental psychology", "International environmental policies" or "Environmental and Sustainable development didactics" with my political point of view. I saw the combination of both fields as a great challenge, which highly motivated me to continue in this path. I considere standardization - especially ISO standards - as essential in the present and the future of private and public entities. Thus, a field as important as Sustainable development requires strong standards so it can play the crucial role it needs to in our society. I am higlhy excited to take up the challenge of making society sustainable and combine social, human, political, economic and environmental fields.
jo.jpg Natalie JORAY    

Before starting my studies in Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development, I have studied International Relations with a major in history and a minor in law at the University of Geneva. With a background in both law and history, I’m both interested in the evolution of the concept of sustainability with time, the evolution of the economic system and international trade, as well as soft law and self-regulation. 

 jor.jpg Jordana-Jooyeon KIM    

Jordana is passionate about the fashion and textile supply chain and has a keen interest to address and tackle unfair wages, unethical working conditions, lack of education and child labour within the fashion and textile industry. Jordana has worked in the fashion supply chain sector in factory manufacturing, wholesale, fashion shows, design house, and textile based non-governmental organizations (NGO). Jordana graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Textile Design from Central Saint Martins, London and currently is embarking a Masters programme on “Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainability” at the University of Geneva.

Victoriia Kakhichko.jpg Victoriia KAKHICHKO    

When I was an undergraduate, I was always passionate about  promoting sustainable development goals among young people, being a part of SDG Youth Ambassadors movement in my hometown. The whole experience prompted me to apply for SACHA master’s programme, which seems perfectly set up to provide political and technical knowledge on sustainability, alongside giving its students a more thorough understanding of the concept of standardization, economics of globalization and corporate citizenship at the national and international level, which I am less familiar with. I believe that this programme will help me with my future career prospects, being a great start for studying the most acute social development issues.

  Heba Tarek KAMEL     After graduating with a degree in Communication and Media Research and a minor in Political Science, I spent 5 month at a Food and Beverage Company in Germany as a Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility Intern. I was mainly involved in the preparation of briefings on political developments at the federal and EU level. I was also involved in the research for suitable insetting and offsetting projects with an emphasis on legal regulations on the federal, EU and international Level for the reduction of greenhouse gases through the renaturation of peatlands. I am looking forward to further strengthening my knowledge in the interface between Sustainability and Standardization with this Master.
Calliope KARAVGOUSTITS University of Fribourg Switzerland, Greece I graduated in July 2018 from the University of Fribourg with a bachelor’s degree in social anthropology. My studies and my various activities besides university have shown me the relevance of interdisciplinary approaches. I am thus very enthusiastic to undertake this programme since it proposes to tackle sustainable development through a broad scale. Furthermore, I’ve always been interested in international issues and I could experience the reality that some countries have to face because of a lack of sustainability on several perspectives. Therefore, I hope this master’s will provide me useful tools in order to implement efficient solutions in my future work.
Kehoe Eva Pic.jpeg Eva KEHOE University of Chichester, UK   I have worked in several sectors – criminal justice, academia and education.  Here in Switzerland, I have been working in two very distinctive areas – human rights and banking/commodity trading. The nature of my professional experience made me realise the rising importance of multilateral cross-sector action to address challenges linked to globalisation and its social, environmental and economic dimensions. I am eager to develop knowledge and tools in the fields of international regulatory framework and sustainable development to contribute to solving global critical issues.
20190717_093219.jpg Angela KESIER Maasai Mara University, Kenya  

I have a five years working experience in the sector of Administration and Procurement. I got interested with this program after attending several workshops related to sustainability development and globalization, i was inspired to pursue the course since it's a contemporary and applicable in all areas tackling social and sustainability development in a broader scale. I am looking forward to the interdisciplinary nature of the program that will allow me attain an acquainted knowledge and an analyzing skills with regards to standardization and sustainability development.    

Ani Khvadagiani.jpg Ani KHVADAGIANI      
 Alishoh e-photo.jpg Alishoh KHUDONAZAROV Osmania University, Hyderabad, India  

I see the program as a great platform for me to learn more about social and environmental sustainable development and standard-setting, to combine theoretical and analytical knowledge and skills with a hand-on approach. Thus, I believe that the master’s program will give me an opportunity to make my contribution to my community, develop both personally and professionally, and build long lasting relations with peers around the globe. I believe that diversity and pluralism are contributing to improvement of society, to peace building, mutual understanding, friendship, respect and development.

Seohyeon Kim STAREG.JPG Seohyeon KIM Yonsei University, Republic of Korea  

With my prior academic knowledge and experiences in International studies and International law, I expect myself to develop deeper understanding in sustainable development in a broad term. Moreover, Geneva and STAREG program will be the best environment to pursue my professional careers in International Organizations linked to standard-setting and sustainability.

Mats Krüger.jpg Mats KRÜGER    

I have been interested in sustainable solutions and diplomatic topics since a while. My Bachelor studies in Human-Geography at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt were somehow the bridge to these topics as i have dedicated all my knowledge to space, since the space has always become the decisive element for me. Like the study of geography for the time being, Geneva as a global city now combines the topics of interest to me as providing the opportunity to be more active in sustainable development policies. MASACHA therefore addresses my interests in terms of content and opens up new opportunities for me through the internationalisation.

an.jpg Antoine LAVANCHY    

BA in political economy at the University of Fribourg, I’ve been exchange students at the Free University of Berlin. In 2018, I decided to specialize more in themes related to sustainable development, by starting the Master STAREG. The Master STAREG was an obvious choice for me for its transversal approach to sustainable development, its intimate international dimension and its privileged position within international Geneva. During my master's degree, I had the chance to join the international organization Terre des hommes active in child relief. Since then, I combine my time between my studies and the Terre des hommes Child and Youth in Migration program, where I am responsible for the coordination and implementation of innovative solutions.

Tarik profil.jpg Tarik LAZOUNI University of Geneva  

For the last five years, I have been deeply interested in the issues of Climate and Social Justice. This is what drew me to apply to STAREG. With its modern aspects and solutions-oriented approach, I believe this programme will give me the tools to better understand the dynamics at play between relevant actors beyond theory. In general, I consider my studies to be complementary with my societal engagement, which I find to be mutually beneficial and inspiring. After having been active in the European Youth Parliament, I am now one of the Swiss Youth Delegates to the United Nations, as well as the Co-President of the Young Greens Geneva. After my studies, I hope to be able to work in the pursuit of greater corporate accountability and towards more Climate and Social Justice from the public sector or civil society perspective.

Ruoxuan Li.jpg Ruoxuan LI    

With a bachelor's degree in management and a master's degree in ethics, I focus on the ethical issue around artificial intelligence as well as sustainable and responsible AI. In the following years, I expect to dig into the standard-setting and governance of AI and other emerging IT technologies.

Wasana Thilini Perera Liyanage.jpg Wasana Thilini Perera LIYANAGE    

I am an Australian citizen with Sri Lankan origins. After obtaining my Bachelor degree in Inter-cultural Mediating from the university of La Sapienza, Rome, I moved to Australia, where I had the opportunity to worked in Finance for over ten years. I needed to focus my energy to something I am passionate about, to be part of the change of our ways of living into sustainable future. We are failing to match climate rhetoric with climate action. We face a tremendously difficult period in society, economy, and planet. It’s never too late to learn how to preserve our planet. I selected Master SACHA to broaden my knowledge and get a better understanding of sustainability and how the society needs to be changed in order to preserve our planet for many years to come.

Maeva Marras.jpg Maeva MARRAS    

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, majoring in Economics. Having always been convinced that changes for our future need to be made on a wider scale rather than only on an individual level, it is quite naturally that I have chosen the SACHA master. Indeed, I want to brighten my understanding of development and sustainability and learn how to implement it to institutionalized levels. Furthermore, my objective is to acquire knowledge and technical skills which I will subsequently be able to apply to my professional life. This program suits my wishes perfectly as it teaches us in a practical way through different fields of studies such as sociology, economics, and project-based work. Hence, I know that by choosing this master I will have the means to make a positive impact on society.

Photo_STAREG.jpg Irina MATEEV Lausanne School of Economics  

STAREG caught my attention since it was the only one that emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach towards sustainability, that is embedded in the economic and political tissue of society. My aim is to get a better understanding of how change can be implemented (via regulations or voluntary standards amongst others) in a globalized society, where you account for the multitude of stakeholders and where you do not take the capitalist model as being inherently good for society.

Isabelle Morose.JPG Isabelle MOROSE Stony Brook University  

Having grown up in a developing country, I became especially intrigued by the concept of “sustainable development” which was often presented as an all-encompassing solution to many problems in the world, from poverty to climate change. The STAREG program appealed to me because not only does it provide the theoretical knowledge needed to analyze sustainable development from different perspectives, but it also helps develop practical skills such as standardization and project evaluation. At the end of the program, I am confident that I will be well equipped to contribute to sustainable development, whether it be in the public or private sector.

Veronika MOSOLOVA Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Russia I became interested in the environmental and social regulations during my bachelor studies when I participated in various volunteering and educational initiatives that also included interactions with NGOs. My career interests are in the way businesses influence society and environment, including consumption and waste regulations as well as children's and animal rights.

Alexandre OMARINI

    Throughout my bachelor in Political Science, I developed a peculiar taste for the study of relations of power through the lens of political economy. Decades of unruly and repressive liberalization across all sectors of our economies have shown the limits of the neoliberal discourse, when it comes to growing social unrest inextricably linked to growing inequalities in an ever-expanding world-economy. In this view, understanding economic policies at a global level, where power is best exerted through the institutional devices it is dependent on for its self-preservation, came as an evidence for me and my particular eagerness to learn more about power politics.
os.jpg Qassim OSSENI     I graduated in July 2019 from the University of Lausanne with a B.A in Political Sciences.
During my Bachelor's degree, I discovered a strong interest in international issues, especially in governance, supply chains and international legislation.
At the end of my Bachelor's degree, I wanted to learn a new approach to these topics in order to increase my expertise in these areas. The STAREG master's degree seemed to me to be the best way to progress.
Outside of the courses, I have several activities in the field of computer science and I am passionate about the subjects related to this field.  

DF6A4018.jpg Marc PEDERSEN University of Geneva   I applied to STAREG because I want to have a different approach to the geography I saw in my previous three years. Such as linking geography and the environment to the economy, seeing the environmental aspects of economy, how the changing of society affects corporations. I wish to work jointly with businesses and sustainability because corporations are powerful and influential so they have the capabilities to adapt, which they currently need to, to the issues regarding climate change, contentious labor, etc. To be in line with the times! Here at Geneva I believe it's the best place to learn such things since it's THE international city. 
Linda Pinto.jpg Linda PINTO    

I define myself as a passionate and creative person, who enjoys finding innovative solutions to face today’s challenges. Profoundly inspired by diversity and cultures, I always try to enrich myself, and that is why I choose the SACHA Master's program. During my Bachelor's in sociology at the University of Geneva, I took part in an NGO as a Human Rights Officer and had the opportunity to explore the UN decision-making processes around SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Sustainability can no be longer ignored and I want to be part of the change.

Tejes PRADEEP University of Madras India Have always been naturally inclined towards sustainable development and ecological conservation. Hoping this program deepens my knowledge on the subject and gives me some handy tools to measure and analyse real world situations accurately.
received_2049443548420746.jpeg Emma PROUTEAU Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne  
  1. After my bachelor’s degree, I knew I wanted to pursue my studies in the field of sustainability, but I didn’t know which specific domain in this broad subject would suit the best my curiosity and expectations. Even though standardization would be a new subject for me, I thought it could be very enriching to learn about it and its links with sustainable development, so I applied to the STAREG master. After graduating, I would like to work in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and maybe more precisely for certification labels that help corporations to show their involvement in the social and environmental dimensions of their activities.
IMG_45mm35mm-copy.jpg Miranda RUGOVA Staffordshire University  

My past work experience with ISO standards and businesses, has sparked an interest in me about everything that has to do with standards, regulations and sustainable development. I have chosen STAREG because I genuinely believe that both these three fields – standards, regulations and sustainable development are particularly important for the coordination of various stakeholders in a systemic perspective on the long-term consequences of today's policies for tomorrow's environment, society and economy. I am looking forward to receive a cutting-edge knowledge and hands-on experience from experienced and professional faculty members at the University of Geneva.  

Anthony RUSPOLI University of Utah United States, Italy I graduated from the University of Utah with a BA in International Studies in the fall of 2013. After graduation, I worked for a non-profit organization that promotes education technology in public schools throughout the US. This opportunity provided me with a platform to research national and state legislation related to education and development and, in turn, gain a better understanding of the interaction between development and the private sector. Through this Masters program, I can pursue my desire to contribute to social regulation, standard-setting, and sustainable development on the international level.
scg.jpg Claire SCHEUCHZER    

I am Swiss and Canadian. I have just completed my Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Lausanne. My degree has been very enriching and has lead me to become more focused on societal and global issues as a whole. As I look to the future, I would like my professional path to be meaningful, which is why I wish to dedicate my career to bettering our society as well as the state of our environment. With sustainability becoming one of the most prominent topics of our generation, I was drawn to the Master’s in STAREG. I was also motivated by my work experience in an international company, in which I was exposed to the fact that they must operate in an increasingly ethical way, for instance, addressing problems related to sustainable development as well as acknowledging their responsibility in the problem and finding solutions. 

Ratchanan.jpg Ratchanan SITTIKAN

Silpakorn University, Thailand

  Throughout this unique STAREG program, I expect to enhance my standardization and open wider in economic, political, social regulation and sustainable development dimensions to fulfill my professionals. After graduated, I plan to use this knowledge to contribute better efficient in my organization.
sam.jpg Hana SAMEJIMA     “Having graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan with B.A in international studies and I have worked for a web marketing company after graduation. I decided to join this program because I have always been interested in the subject of sustainable development and I want to have career related to it. Having seen the diverse and stimulating ambience of the program I am excited for what’s to come.”
sit.jpg Ratchanan SITTIKAN    

Throughout this unique STAREG program, I expect to enhance my standardization and open wider in economic, political, social regulation and sustainable development dimensions to fulfill my professionals. After graduated, I plan to use this knowledge to contribute better efficient in my organization.

Yaëlle Aurélie Steudler.jpg Yaëlle Aurélie STEUDLER      

I have always had a particular interest for the questions of justice, ethics and moral. Inequalities and finding solutions towards them are my major interest. Sensible to sustainability since my childhood, “saving the planet” has always been my dream and meaning of life. From my bachelor of geography and environment I gained knowledge on those questions, but sustainability was not central enough for me. I wish to learn more and to study how we can practically find solutions towards creating a better world for everyone. That’s what brought me to this master, where I can deepen my knowledge to contribute to our biggest challenge of the 21st century.  

 DF6A4017.jpg Benoit SURDON University of Lausanne    STAREG encompasses a lot of my interests: normalization (I come from two years of physics before-hands, and SI is the basics of physics), international relations, integration, institutions, climate sustainability. It was the only master I applied to after my bachelor. I would like to work for the EU if the opportunity presents itself, but in reality my main drive is to find a job in any company that would offer me opportunities to develop my skills and contacts.
ty.jpg Ifetayo TYLER    

I graduated in 2018 with a BA in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Policy. During my undergrad, I lived in a large city and became interested in the unique diversity of urban ecology. I found myself drawn to learning about flora and fauna, and was fascinated in how education could be used as a tool in conservation. I served one term in AmeriCorps as an Environmental Educator for the New York Department of Parks, and then moved on to become a Park Ranger for the New York City Parks Department. Working as an environmental educator in an urban setting, gave me a critical perspective on the vulnerability of many city populations to climate impacts. I am interested in discovering ways to empower urban communities with the knowledge and tools necessary, to combat local and regional environmental problems.

Doga Uludag.jpg Doga ULUDAG      
DSC_1562(2).jpg Elisa WILK University of Geneva   During my studies I had the great opportunity to study for a semester at the University of Hamburg where I met several people who were greatly involved in the fight for the environment. I have myself always felt deeply about social issues of our time mainly global change and inequalities. I saw STAREG as an opportunity to study hands on approaches on these issues and develop techniques of consensus based conflict resolutions, for further sustainable development. I am looking forward to the opportunity of doing an Internship during the last semester as an opening towards the professional world. 
image1.jpeg Liu YANGFANG

Beijing Normal University


In the four years of my law studies of an undergraduate degree in Beijing Normal University, I had some social science-related working experiences, for example, took part in a social investigation which researched on poverty issues and economic development of the rural areas in the northwest of China, worked on a social service project financed by the local government of Shenzhen and finally completed my thesis project related to Children's Welfare Policy which based on my internship in China Philanthropy Research Institute. I am quite interested in Child Protection, Adolescent Development and Social Responsibilities. And I strongly expect to learn multidisciplinary knowledge in an interdisciplinary master program and hope it will be helpful for my future employment.