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Meet our Advisory Committee



Nadine Allal

Chargée de projets, Agenda 21- Sustainable City unit of the City of Geneva

Nadine Allal has been working  as Project Manager for the "Agenda 21 - Sustainable City" unit of the City of Geneva since 2010 and has largely shaped the current municipal sustainability strategy. She has an in-depth knowledge of Swiss politics, as well as of the environmental transition issues facing the Greater Geneva Agglomeration. Since 2016, she has been in charge of the G'innove program, which provides financial support to societal innovation projects. Since 2020, she has been coordinating the public awareness program "Geneva, city of trees" and she collaborates with many local NGOs to promote the City's climate strategy.  Nadine grew up in Geneva and has lived in Europe, Africa and the United States; she is trilingual (French-English-German). She has a Master's degree in Biology, with a specialization in ecology and evolution, and has completed further training in public health, project management and communication. Nadine has significant experience in organizing events and stakeholder networks, writing publications and providing in-company training on sustainability issues. She is particularly interested in the importance of public mobilisation and empowerment, in order to respond to current climate and biodiversity emergencies.

Marie-Amelie Dupraz

Sustainability Manager, Canton Fribourg

How do we ensure that decision-making processes are environmentally friendly and socially responsible? This is an issue I have been working on for more than twenty years, with increasing interest.  As a scientific officer at the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and then as a Head of Sustainability for the Canton of Fribourg, I have a long experience in designing and implementing policies and measures in favor of sustainability, the green economy and sustainable public procurement, in communicating on sustainability issues, in formulating position papers on policy issues related to sustainability at national and and cantonal levels, in supervising complex projects involving multidisciplinary approaches, and in reporting results to decision-makers. My training includes a Master of science (MSc) in Geology at the Fribourg University, and a Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Environmental Management at the EPFL. I took numerous continuing education courses, related to sustainable procurement and sustainable finance specifically. I am currently participating in a Public Governance Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS). To design and implement projects related to sustainability initiatives represents a professional and personal commitment, as well as to support others in doing so.

Anna Gallet

Project Manager, International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

Anna Gallet is the Project Manager for Education at the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and is currently leading the ISO Education Programme. In recent decades, the importance and value of international standards have become widely recognized, and their scope has broadened to feature complex systems and sustainability. Nevertheless, research demonstrates that young people know little about standards and standardization. This lack of awareness about the importance of standards could potentially impact the future use of standards and/or the availability of future experts to participate in the standards development process (to replace older experts and to provide fresh perspectives and spur innovation in standardization). Being part of this Advisory Committee is a great opportunity to engage with teachers and students of standardization and to raise awareness about the importance of standards for social regulation and sustainable development.

Anna has experience building international partnerships in research and innovation at higher education level, as well as engaging with businesses, governments, and international organisations to promote work-based learning. Anna holds a degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada (Spain), an MA in Conference Interpreting from the University of La Laguna (Spain) and an MA Russia – East Central Europe from the University of Geneva (Switzerland).


Anthony Miller

Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD / Sustainable stock exchange initiative

Anthony Miller is the Coordinator of the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative and the Focal Point for Corporate Social Responsibility within the Investment and Enterprise Division of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
He has managed the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative since its launch by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in 2009. In 2011, the initiative was named by Forbes magazine as one of the “world’s best sustainability ideas” and today it counts over 100 partner exchanges around the world.
Dr. Miller is a specialist on CSR, corporate governance and responsible investment. He served five years as an expert in the ISO Working Group on Social Responsibility where, as a member of the Integrated Drafting Task Force, he was responsible for drafting significant portions of the ISO 26000 standard. He is a regular contributor to UNCTAD’s flagship World Investment Report, and was lead author of an interagency paper to the G20 “Promoting standards for responsible investment in value chains”.
For over 10 years he served as an annual guest lecturer on CSR and responsible investment at the Centre for Development Studies at Cambridge University. He holds a B.A. from Trent University, Canada, and an M.Phil. and Ph.D. from Cambridge University, England.


Ana Serbanovic Mendes

Sustainable Innovation Lead, Wella Company

My engagement in sustainability started 20 years ago, with cutting-edge scientific research for a PhD in Sustainable Processes. From academia I transitioned to industry; over the last decade, I have been applying and advocating sustainability principles as a Supply Chain Project Manager in large consumer goods companies. Today, I am an engineer by education, a corporate manager by vocation and a sustainability advocate by conviction.
In my work, I focus on advancing two Sustainable Development Goals: Responsible Consumption and Production, and Partnerships for the Goals. More recently, I am also engaged in the philanthropic work of evaluating and coordinating NGO projects supporting women’s empowerment. I strongly believe in Sustainable Development education and its power to bring sustainability in alignment with economic development, as it teaches future leaders that resilient and sustainable businesses depend on respecting finite planetary resources. I am looking forward to participating in this Advisory Committee, to help advance understandings of complex sustainability issues in dialogue with fellow Committee members and Master students.

Emily Sims

Manager business helpdesk, ILO

Emily Sims is a Senior Specialist in the ILO Programme on Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy and manager of the ILO Helpdesk for Business.  She has also been involved in drafting of the labour component of various key CSR instruments, including ISO 26000 and the update of the OECD Guidelines, and has provided technical assistance to a range of industry and multi-stakeholder initiatives.  She is the author of numerous articles and co-author of two books:  Corporate Success through People and Labour-Management Cooperation in SMEs:  Forms and Factors.  Emily is trained at the graduate level in both law and economics (Juris Doctor, Yale Law School; MSc in economics, London School of Economics).  She is on the faculty for the Bocconi University Master in Sustainability and Energy Management; and she is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council Standards Committee.