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The Rights of the Child in the Digital Age Between Regulation and Practice

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The Center for Children’s Rights Studies and the Digital Transformation Office of the University of Geneva have the pleasure to invite you the webinar “The Rights of the child in the digital age – Between regulation and practice”. This event is part of the cycle of public conferences “Parlons Numérique”, aimed to discuss the role of digital transformation throughout human experiences. 

This unique webinar combines the intervention of experts alongside the participation of children, providing a platform for exchange between empirical analysis, experiences and discussion of the rights of the child. The webinar will start with a discussion on  the subject of policies and regulation related to the digital environment and artificial intelligence that affect children,  empirical data from Brazil and Lebanon, and the advent of the General Comment 25 on the Rights of the Child in relation to the digital environment with host international children rights expert Prof. Gerison Lansdown, representatives from children movements from 5Rights Foundation and Dr. Roberta Ruggiero, André Cardozo Sarli and Simon Nehme from the Centre for Children’s Rights Studies. The interventions will bring examples specifically from marginalised children, refugee children, children with disability and children that identify with the LGBTIQ communities. The webinar will end with a round table discussion with the audience. 

When: Friday, 25 February 2022 from 14h00 till 16h30 (Central European Time)

Registrations (limited places): Participation in this event is free of charge but registration is mandatory. The deadline for registration is Thursday, 24 February 2022, at 12.00 pm (CET; Swiss time).

Online registration: REGISTRATION CLOSED

Language: English

Contact and information:

andre.cardozosarli(at) and/or simon.nehme(at) 






Roberta Ruggiero

Opening and introduction of the panellists


Gerison Lansdown 

The rights of children in the digital age and the place of children with disability


Children’s Rights Movement Representatives

5Rights Foundation





André Cardozo Sarli


Artificial intelligence, the digital environment and the rights of the child in the digital age where do we stand in regulation and practice?


Simon Nehme

Opportunities and challenges the digital environment offers for children to engage in social movement  – Cases from Lebanon


Roberta Ruggiero

The Committee on the Right of the Child General Comment Number 25  on children’s rights in the digital environment and the required shifts in policies and practices in this field.


Panellist and public

Round table discussion