Constant Bonard

PhD Student

+41 76 511 67 55

Institution : University of Geneva and University of Antwerp
Department : Department of Philosophy
Discipline : Philosophy
Thesis topic : How traditional models of communication can be adapted to apply to the communication of affects in langage, non-verbal behavior, and music
Supervisor : Julien Deonna and Bence Nanay

General Information

I am doing a joint-PhD in philosophy between the University of Geneva and the University of Antwerp. My supervisors are Julien Deonna and Bence Nanay. I am also the assistant for the chair ‘Philosophy of Mind and of Emotion’ held by Julien Deonna and Fabrice Teroni.

Current Research

My PhD is about the communication of affects. I try to adapt theoretical tools developed for descriptive language so that they can be used to analyze different kind of affective signals. The result is approaching a general model of communication which can be applied to language, non-verbal behaviors, and music.
Beside my PhD, I have done some research in music psychology. My main project in this domain is a cross-cultural study conducted between India and Switzerland.