STED nanoscopy (1 system)

Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X (Tel. 94 788)


  • Point scanning system
  • Super resolution microscopy
  • Colocalization, structure/ morphology , 3D- Z-stacks
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)
  • Full living-cell system  (LIS system)

Detailed specifications


  • Inverted Leica DMi8
  • Motorized XY-stage
  • Lamp of fluorescence: SOLA light engine (LUMENCOR)
  • Transmission (diode)
  •  DFC7000T camera


  • HC PL Fluotar 5x/ 0.15
  • HC PL Fluotar 20x/ 0.55
  • HC PL Apo 63x/ 1.40 Oil CS2
  • HC PL Apo 93x/ 1.30 GLYCEROL motC STED W
  • HC PL Apo 100x/ 1.40 Oil CS2

Conventional mounted filters

  • Filter cube DAPI ("Blue")
  • Filter cube GFP ("Green")
  • Filter cube TxR ("Red")
  • Filter cube Y5 ("Far Red")


  • Pulsed White Laser (80 MHz) fully tunable in the range of 470- 670 nm for maximal spectral flexibility
  • UV laser line @405 nm
  • Depletion lasers: 592 nm and 775 nm (pulsed laser)


  • Spectral Detector from 405 nm to 800 nm
  • 2 PMT, 2 HyD (including one HyD smd) + transmission PMT



Sample preparation kit provided by the Bioimaging

One kit contains: 100 ul of mounting medium (Prolong Gold), 10 ul of secondary Antibody (Ab), 5ul of PicoGreen (nucleus staining) and the number of coverslips you need.

Secondary antibodies (goat anti-mouse, goat anti-rat, goat anti-rabbit) available are: Abberior STAR 580, Abberior STAR RED.


Download the free lite version from:

Leica LAS-X Website

(Look at the bottom of the page on the Leica Website for download)


Download the protocole for FRAP experiments:



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