Departments and Units

The Interpreting Department

Interpreters facilitate real-time communication in a variety of multilingual settings by bridging the gap between languages and cultures. The continuing mission of the Interpreting Department is to train the next generation of professional interpreters by integrating findings from research into cognition and by harnessing technology to streamline and support the acquisition of the task.
Interpreters also enable multilingual communication beyond the boundaries of the conference room and are often confronted with the reality in the field, from military interventions to humanitarian missions. The Interpreting Department cooperates closely with institutional partners towards the common goal of providing access to all parties involved.

Our flagship training programme, the Master of Arts in Conference Interpreting (MA CI), prepares students for a career as conference interpreters in international organizations, in international diplomacy and in international business.

Our Master of Advanced Studies in Interpreter Training (MAS IT) equips professional interpreters with the necessary skill set to effectively and efficiently train interpreters for a variety of settings, including conference, public service, court and medical.

Our Doctorate in Interpreting Studies (PhD IS) provides trained interpreters with the tools required for an academic career, in line with the Department’s three main research concentrations.

Additionally, the Interpreting Department offers a wide range of customized short courses as part of our continuing education portfolio, including basic skill training for court interpreters and field interpreters.

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