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On-going projects

  • BabelDr - Spoken Language Translation of Dialogues in the Medical Domain
    BabelDr is a spoken language translation system for the medical domain, developped in collaboration with Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG), Geneva's largest hospital. Its main focus is precision and less-resourced languages.

    Funded by: Mimosa project, HUG's private foundation and Innogap grant.

  • BFC - Proposal and Implementation of a Swiss Centre for Barrier-Free Communication
    The main goal of the BFC project is to investigate how access to higher education in Switzerland can be facilitated for students with disabilities. The project aims at developing sustainable methods and processes to provide barrier-free or “low-barrier” access to information and learning materials, as well as at increasing awareness about accessibility matters among all university stakeholders. Research areas include, among others, machine translation of spoken language to sign language, easy-to-read language and barrier-free design of digital documents, including websites. The project is coordinated by the School of Applied Linguistics of the Zürich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

    Funded by: Swissuniversities.

  • CALLector 
    CALLector, which officially started on April 1 2018 and will continue until December 31 2021, is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation under its COST program, and the project is closely linked with the enetCollect COST project. The overall goal of CALLector is to create a platform, structured as a social network, for crowdsourced construction and use of CALL content. We are developing tools for construction of speech-enabled content using the CALL-SLT Lite framework and tools for text-based content using the LARA platform.
    Coordination and data preparation for the Spoken CALL Shared Task, now in its third year, is performed under the CALLector project.
    You can find more information about CALLector on the open Google group.

    Funded by: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), COST program.

  • COPECO - a Collaborative Post-Editing Corpus in Pedagogical Context 
    COPECO is a joint project between Geneva University and Liège University, with three main objectives: 1) to collect post-edits produced by students and teacher corrections, 2) to build an open-source student post-editing corpus and 3) to help systematise the task of translation error annotation. It provides translation teachers with an online post-editing platform, designed to help them to annotate student post-editing tasks using a shared or personalised annotation scheme.

    Funded by: projet COINF 2020, UNIGE.

  • Developing Shared Evaluation Frameworks for Digital Innovation in Culturally-Effective, Patient-Oriented Healthcare Translation and Communication: Australia and Switzerland
    Effective health translation and communication strategies among multicultural populations lie at the heart of efforts to combat physical and mental diseases in multicultural societies like Australia and Switzerland. There is a persistent lack of standardised criteria and benchmarks for the development and evaluation of healthcare and medical translation resources and computerised translation systems. The lack of international standards and guidelines have impeded the effective adoption and implementation of health translation resources and technologies in healthcare research and clinical settings. Our project represents a first attempt to tackle this persistent, costly issue, which has become increasingly urgent in multicultural Australia and the refugee crisis in European countries like Switzerland. A key component of this project is to explore opportunities of the joint development of healthcare translation resources and communication technologies for Australian aboriginal communities.

    Funded by: USyd - UNIGE - Partnership Collaboration Awards (PCA).

  • EnetCollect - European Network for Combining Language Learning with Crowdsourcing Techniques
    The enetCollect Action addresses the major European challenge of fostering the language skills of all citizens regardless of their diversified social, educational, and linguistic backgrounds. To this end, the Action is concerned with the domain of Language Learning and focuses on enhancing the production of learning material in order to cope with the increasing demand for language learning and the striking diversification of learner profiles due to the intensified migration flows motivated by educational, professional/economic or geopolitical circumstances. Pierrette Bouillon and Manny Rayner parcipate as secondary proposers.

    Funded by: COST programme.

  • Inclusive education for children with Cerebral Palsy: a multidisciplinary perspective
    The Department of Translation Technology (TIM) is officially collaborating since March 2019 with Handi-Capable, a Swiss association that supports the families of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP). The aim of the project, initiated by Handi-Capable, is to collect research-based evidence on the positive socio-economic impact of inclusive education on the lives of children with CP. A brief overview of the project can be found in the association’s website.

    Funded by: Handi-Capable, Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (FTI) - UNIGE.

  • PROPICTO - PRojection du langage Oral vers des unités PICTOgraphiques
    PROPICTO is a collaborative project between the University of Geneva and the University of Grenoble Alpes which intends to develop a line of research on Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). The main objective of PROPICTO is to create systems that automatically transcribe French speech into pictographic form, and thus to facilitate communication access in the medical field (especially with patients who do not speak the same language as the practitioner) or in the area of disability (and so to promote a better interaction with people having a cognitive impairment). 

    Funded byFrench National Research Agency (ANR) and Swiss National Science Foundation bilateral project.

  • Subtitling of Swiss German into Standard German: Automatic Post-Editing
    This project aims to develop, in collaboration with SRF, an automatic post-editing system to improve the quality of automatic German subtitling of Swiss German television programs. It has three main objectives. The first one is to compare different methods of automatic post-editing for this task, the second one is to collect the opinions of users on this type of transcription in order to generate subtitles that are as accessible as possible, and the third one is to share written and oral resources to promote research on Swiss German in the field of media.

    Funded by: IMI (Initiative for media innovation).

  • Trainslate - Spoken Language Translation to Sign Language
    The Trainslate project is a collaboration with the University of Zürich, whose goal is to develop a system capable of automatically translating train announcements from spoken French to Swiss French sign language. The system is being developed on TIM's Regulus platform and will use the JASigning avatar.

    Funded by: Boninchi, Max Bircher and Raffeisen foundations, Credit Suisse and Loterie Romande. In collaboration with the Teamco foundation.

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Completed projects

European projects

  • ACCEPT - Automated Community Content Editing PorTal
  • DicoPro - On-Line Dictionary Consultation For Language Professionals On Intranet.
  • DiET - Diagnostic and Evaluation Tools for Natural Language Applications.
  • EAGLES I - Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards / Evaluation Working Group Final Report I.
  • EAGLES II - Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards/Evaluation Working Group Final Report II.
  • eCoLoRe - Creating Shareable and Renewable eContent Localisation Resources to Support ICT Training for Translators (main project site).
  • GRAAL - Grammars which are Reusable to Automatically Analyze Languages.
  • ISLE - International Standards for Language Engineering.
  • LCG - Learning Computational Grammars.
  • MeLLANGE - Multilingual eLearning in LANGuage Engineering (main project site).
  • MLCC - Multilingual Corpora for Coorporation.
  • MULTEXT - Multilingual Text and Tools.
  • Parmenides - Ontology-driven Temporal Text Mining on Organisational Data for Extracting Temporal Valid Knowledge.
  • TEMAA - A Testbed Study of Evaluation Methodologies: Authoring Aids.
  • TransRouter - Translation Router.
  • TRANSTERM - Use of Terminological Data in NLP Systems.
  • TSNLP - Test Suites for Natural Language Processing.

Projects of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

  • A Swiss Platform for Controlled spoken dialog applications - The project proposes to extend and stabilise the Regulus platform so as to make it suitable for adoption as a general Swiss platform for spoken language system construction in academia and industry.
  • A generic platform for CALL based on speech translation - We leverage Geneva's Regulus toolkit and other SNSF-sponsored work on speech recognition and translation, to develop a generic CALL platform centered on the 'spoken translation game' idea.
  • CALL-SLT 2 - Designing and Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Based CALL Systems
  • DicoEast - SCOPES project for electronic dictionary distribution.
  • MedSLT - A Multilingual Spoken Language Translation System for Medical Domains.
  • Medtag - Free text medical document retrieval by using terminological resources and statistical linguistics.
  • Medtag2 - Free-text medical document retrieval via extraction of complex terms.
  • MTEval - Quality models and resources for the evaluation of machine translation.
  • MTEval II (FEMTI on-line application) - Quality requirements and metrics for the evaluation of MT: analysis and integration of expertise.
  • TransTech - Language Technology for Translators.
  • (IM)2 - Interactive Multimodal Information Management.
  • MT Sublanguage - Definition and Exploitation for Sublanguage Description for MT in a finite domain, part I and II.

Projects of the Ernest Boninchi Foundation

  • Web-Based Deployment of Speech-Enabled Applications for Medicine and Education.

"Suissetra" federal projects

  • GTF-Rifal - Contribution to the Rifal courses and textual databases.
  • OSIL - Observatoire Suisse des Industries de la Langue (Swiss Observatory of Language Industries).
  • OTIL - Observatoire francophone du Traitement informatique des langues.
  • FLAG - Searching and verification of terms in multilingual documents.
  • SYLEX - Browser for multilingual federal law documents (view demo).

Projects of the French Speaking Community

  • Automatic acquisition of Generative Lexicon elements to increase performances of information retrieval systems (AUPELF-UREF project, FRANCIL network).
  • Alignment of Bilingual and Multilingual Corpora.
  • CRISTAL - Contextes RIches en ConnaissanceS pour la TrAduction terminoLogique
  • LEGERe - Un LExique GEnératif de Référence pour le français (project description in French).

Other Projects

  • tmspy - Translation memory analyzer.
  • logo-term - Terminology software.
  • AVAL - Semantic Modelling.
  • Dico - A network based dictionary consultation tool.
  • ELU - Environnement Linguistique d'Unification.
  • SLT - Spoken Language Translator.

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