Departments and Units



Pierrette BOUILLON Dean, Full Professor and Head of the Department of Translation Technology
Aurélie PICTON Associate Professor

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Researchers and Lecturers

Noemie CASAREALE Research and Teaching Assistant
Fanny CATTEAU Sessional Lecturer
Chiara DI MONTE Sessional Lecturer
Bastien DAVID Research and Teaching Assistant
Céline DE GRAAF Research and Teaching Assistant
Max DE WILDE Sessional Lecturer
Claudio FERRARA Sessional Lecturer
Johanna GERLACH Research and Teaching Fellow
Sabrina GIRLETTI Research Associate, PhD Student
Simon HENGCHEN Sessional Lecturer
Luca MARRA Sessional Lecturer
Lucía MORADO VÁZQUEZ Senior Research Associate
Jonathan David MUTAL Research and Teaching Assistant
Magali NORRÉ PhD Candidate (Candoc)
Lucía ORMAECHEA GRIJALBA PhD Candidate (Candoc)
Donatella PULITANO Lecturer
Silvia RODRÍGUEZ VÁZQUEZ Research and Teaching Fellow
Raphaël RUBINO Research and Teaching Fellow
Marianne STARLANDER Lecturer
Irene STRASLY Research Associate, PhD Student
Arianna TESTA Sessional Lecturer
Nikolaos TSOURAKIS Research Associate
Lise VOLKART Research and Teaching Assistant
Tobias WEHRLI CFCD Web Manager, Parallèles Editorial Assistant, Sessional Lecturer

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Honorary Members

Susan ARMSTRONG Honorary Professor
Maghi KING Honorary Professor
Bruno DE BESSÉ Honorary Professor

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Former Members

Emmanuel RAYNER Research Associate, Computer Development Specialist
Emma THIBERT Research and Teaching Assistant
Julie HUMBERT-DROZ Researcher
Elisa CASALEGNO Researcher
Hanieh HABIBI Researcher
Tessa PACI INNOCENTI Researcher
Mélanie MARADAN Researcher
Victoria PORRO RODRÍGUEZ Researcher
Violeta SERETAN Research and Teaching Fellow
Claudia BAUR Researcher
Selja SEPPÄLÄ Researcher
Maria GEORGESCUL Lecturer
Sonia HALIMI Lecturer
Marianne SANTAHOLMA Researcher
Paula ESTRELLA Researcher
Agnes LISOWSKA Researcher
Bruno CARTONI Researcher
Laurent GOTTARDO Researcher
Andrei POPESCU-BELIS Researcher
Gisella ANSPAC Secretary
Nancy UNDERWOOD Researcher
Yalina ALPHONSE Researcher
Alex CLARK Researcher
Sandra MANZI Researcher
Gilbert ROBERT Researcher/Systems
Sabine LEHMANN Researcher
Lonneke VAN DER PLAS Researcher
Franck THOLLARD Researcher
Adelina IVANOVA Researcher
Derek WALKER Researcher
Dominique PETITPIERRE Researcher
Ludovic TANGUY Researcher
Afzal BALLIM Researcher
Dominique ESTIVAL Researcher
Kirsten FALKEDAL Researcher
Reinhard RAPP Researcher
Jan DACIUK Researcher
Graham RUSSELL Researcher

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