Departments and Units

Computer-Assisted Translation

CAT covers a variety of tools which help a translator to translate: online communication and research, text writing and correction aids, terminology management, and access to multilingual texts (concordancers). CAT also includes any piece of translation aid software such as translation memories, a type of tool where translators can reuse previous translations to help them work more efficiently, while ensuring quality and consistency in their work. Designed especially to help translators, these tools are growing in number.

The Department of Translation Technology (referred to by its French acronym TIM) has two main aims.

  • The first is to teach how the main electronic tools available to translators today work and what their features are. We offer Bachelor and Masters level classes, as well as training for practising translators.
  • The second aim is to research the evaluation and critical comparison of translation aid tools. To do this, we work mainly with the EAGLES 7-step recipe developed at FTI as part of the EAGLES European research project.

The Department also monitors technological developments and evaluation for translation services, international organisations, and independent translators through Suissetra, the association for the promotion of Translation Aid Tools.

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