Axio Scan.Z1 Demo: a fast and reliable slide scanner for Brightfield and Fluorescence  ----------------------------------------------





Date: we are glad to invite you to the Axio Scan.Z1demonstration which will take place from Monday November 1st at 2.00 PM to Thursday November 4th around 12.00 PM at the Bioimaging core facility (room 6021).

Please consult François or Olivier (bioimaging(at) if you want to test this system with your own samples. We need to organize sessions as good as possible! Do not forget to precise the type of observations that you want to perform (Brigthfield and/or fluorescence + the type and the number of fluorophores used). Do not forget also to indicate the number of slides and the nature of your samples.

CODIM demo: a super-resolution confocal module for live and fixed observations  -----------------------------------------
Date: we are glad to invite you to the CODIM demonstration which will take place from Tuesday October 28th to Thursday October 29th at the Bioimaging core facility (room 6021).

Description: Recent progress in sub-diffraction light microscopy has allowed researchers to look into cells with an unrivalled level of detail and specificity. Still such advanced imaging too often remains plagued by overwhelming complexity, cost and high photo-toxicity which dramatically restrict its range of application. In this demo we will use a super-resolution technique combining cutting-edge conical diffraction optics with advanced localisation algorithms. The technology offers top-of-the-range resolution performance, high sensitivity and extremely low photo-toxicity while being readily applicable to any standard sample preparation and labelling. The BioAxial CODIM100 system integrates all this technology into a user-friendly turn-key platform opening up a range of life science applications yet unexplored by high-performance super-resolution imaging. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to test this system with your own samples. The microscope room is small and we need to organize sessions as good as possible.

Guidelines for CODIM sample preparation:

  • Sample format: (i) For live samples: Ibidi glass-bottom 0.17mm dishes are preferred. (ii) For fixed samples: we usually use 20x20mm (0.17mm) coverslips on 25x75x1mm slides (eg SuperFrost Plus or similar). If you use slides please make sure there's only one coverslip on each slide to avoid any fitting mishap on the platform. No particular preferences regarding the mounting media.
  • Excitation lines:  488nm and 561nm lines will be available. However we'll be in demo version so it will be difficult to cater for all spectral configurations (crosstalk etc...) so please ensure you have some samples with 488nm probes only.

Flyer BioAxial-Nikon - FINAL_LoRes.pdf

Bioimaging User Meeting  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
Date :  we are glad to invite you to the Bioimaging User Group Meeting which be held on Friday February 14th, 2014 at the CMU (room 9078) from 12:00PM to 2:00PM.

Description: The main goal of this event is to exchange ideas and experiences between the Bioimaging and users in order (i) to identify ways for optimizing the facility's efficiency, (ii) to evaluate common needs, and (iii) to discuss ways to fund new equipments with the help of scientific contributions.

 The meeting is open to all, but one representative per user group would be ideal. Group leaders are also more than welcome to participate to the discussion, of course.

If you are interested in this event, please send us an email to know precisely the number of participants for a head count as sandwiches and drinks will be served during the meeting.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.