Introducing the new EVOS FL Auto 2 microscope -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Presented by:  Andy Tempez (EVOS specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific).

Date and time: Wednesday, October 12th, starting from 9h30

Location:  presentation: room C05.1529.A, floor 5, building B (ex-room 5000)

                demonstration and hands-on workshop: bioimaging core facility, CMU

Host: François Prodon (Bioimaging Core Facility)

The newEVOS® FL Auto 2 microscope, developed by Molecular Probes in Oregon, will be presented for the first time in Switzerland at the CMU.

9h30-11h00: presentation of the microscope and the MicroStudioTM analysis software

11h00: instrument demonstration

14h00: hands-on workshop (you can bring your samples)

Scientific Seminar Thermo Fisher --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Fluorescence Imaging Flyers_2016_v2_CMU_D5.png

Date: January 22, 2016.

Location: Room E09.2753 (ex-9078).

Topic: Engineering Fluorescence for Cell Biology.

Speaker: Nick J Dolman, PhD. Senior staff scientist, Research & Development, Protein & cellular analysis business unit (ThermoFisher Scientific)

You can download the Flyer (including the program) HERE .

Nick kindly provided us his presentation which is available HERE